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Tricolor File Quest

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Tricolor File is a World Quest in Enkanomiya, Inazuma. The Quest is also part of the Collection of Dragons and Snakes World Quest Series in the area. The quest is taking place in the “Vishap Research Lab” “hidden” area of Enkanomiya, on the Northern part of the map.

Before you can accept the quest, you must first advance the main story line of Enkanomiya and reach Dainichi Mikoshi, at the center of the map. To enter Enkanomiya you must first complete the “The Moon-Bathed Deep” Quest in Watatsumi Island and accept the “The Still Water’s Flow” Quest from Tsuyuko.

Reaching Dainichi Mikoshi and unlocking the ability to manually change the day/night cycle is vital for this quest but also many more in the area. Switching to Evernight(Night) will reveal the Shades of Tokoyo, which are basically ghosts that offer you quests.

Michiya is one of those shades and will offer you the Tricolor File quest.

tricolor file quest

Vishap Research Lab

In order to reach the Vishap Research Lab travel first to the small island North of the Dainichi Mikoshi area. On the Northern part of this island you can find a gate that will help you travel to the Lab.

Stay in Evernight mode so Michiya can appear. Talk to him and accept his quest to retrieve the experimental records. Proceed further in the area until you reach an open space with three elemental pillars.

The pillars unlock the three cells nearby.

tricolor file quest

Use Electro, Hydro and Cryo on them to unlock the cells and release three Vishaps of each element. Defeat the vishaps and search the cells. The Bathysmal Vishap Experimental Records Book lies in one of the cells.

Finding the book completes the Tricolor File Quest but also progresses the Collection of Dragons and Snakes World Quest Series. The Bathysmal Vishap Experimental Records is one of the five Books you have to find around Enkanomiya, in order to complete it.