genshin impact weapons

Genshin Impact Weapons

Weapons in Genshin Impact are very important for your characters and your overall progress in the game. They determine your play-style but can also significantly boost your damage. Certain enemies are vulnerable to specific weapon types, something that can affect your decision regarding which characters you choose to put in your party. Like your characters can Level Up and become stronger, your weapons as well can be upgraded, helping you deal more damage and offering more stats.

Weapons Types in Genshin Impact

In total there are five different types of Weapons in Genshin Impact. Each character can use only one type of weapon which along with that character’s unique element can help you create interesting builds and group setups. The five types of Genshin Impact Weapons are:

  • Bow
  • Sword
  • Claymore
  • Polearm
  • Catalysts

Weapons quality ranks from 1-star to 5-star Weapons with 5-star being the best to use but also the harder to get and upgrade.

  • 5-Star Weapons can only be obtained through the wish system
  • 4-Star Weapons can be obtained mostly through wishes but there are also a few you can craft
  • 3-Star Weapons can be obtained through wishes and as a random loot from chests
  • 2-Star Weapons can be obtained from chests or purchased from specific NPC
  • 1-Star Weapons can be obtained from chests or purchased from specific NPC

3-Star Weapons and above offer a secondary stat as well as a Passive stat to their users.

Weapons Enhance & Ascend in Genshin Impact

You can enhance(upgrade) your Weapons in order to make them stronger. To enhance a Weapon you can use other Weapons you do not need or special Weapon enhancement materials. These materials are:

  • Enhancement Ore, that gives 400 EXP
  • Fine Enhancement Ore, that gives 2000 EXP
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore, that gives 10000 EXP

You can get those materials as rewards while exploring or you can craft them. The higher your Weapon’s level the more materials you need to enhance it further and of course the more costly the whole process becomes. Like with your Character Level Up, Weapons also need to Ascend when they reach a certain level. The first Ascension happens at level 20, the second at level 40 and from that point on every 10 levels. To Ascend a Weapon you must use special Weapon Ascension Materials, which you can get from Domains, as well as other materials that drop from enemies in the open World, craft or buy from the souvenir shop.

Refine Weapons in Genshin Impact

Another way you can upgrade your weapons and make them stronger is through the refinement process. Refinement boosts the Passive stat of your weapon and in general its combat effectiveness. To refine a Weapon you must have a duplicate which is getting consumed in the process. Because of this, refining 5-Star Weapons is hard and relies mostly on luck.