genshin impact daily routine

Genshin Impact Daily Routine

Genshin Impact is a gorgeous open world RPG with several activities to keep you occupied and entertained. Thanks to its expansive open world, players can explore their heart out and uncover many secret locations as well as interesting stories. Progression in Genshin Impact is rather important however, so a player will have to complete specific activities every day in order to improve a character, weapon or artifact.

There is always something to do in the game even if you have explored the entire map and finished every quest. Daily activities that revolve around farming materials or completing daily/weekly tasks can help you enjoy the game and continue working towards a specific goal. This Genshin Impact Daily Routine guide will show you the main activities in the game and how they can keep you entertained.

Daily Activities in Genshin Impact

Below you can find the most important Daily Activities in Genshin Impact! Activities that you need to complete every day, in order to progress efficiently!

1. Daily Quests

One of the main activities you can complete every day is the available daily quests or daily commissions as they are called in-game. There are four Daily Quests available to you everyday that reward you with Primogems, Mora, Companionship EXP and Upgrading Materials. When you complete all four of them, you earn additional rewards, like more Primogems, Companionship EXP, Mora and upgrading materials. To claim these extra rewards, talk to Katheryne NPC, the Adventurer’s Guild Receptionist. Daily Commissions(Quests) are not available early in the game. You need to unlock them by reaching Adventure Rank 12.

2. Expeditions

Expeditions is a passive activity, where you send some of your characters in search of cooking/crafting materials or Mora. You can unlock this feature at Adventure Rank 14 and the number of characters you can send away increases along with your Adventure Rank. Two only characters at Rank 14, three at Rank 26, four at Rank 31 and finally five at Rank 36.

You can send every character you own except the Traveler on a four, eight, twelve or twenty-hour trip. The longer the trip the better the rewards. Characters sent on an expedition are still available to use in your group. This is a great passive way to get materials or Mora, that can help you upgrade your characters or items. You can always recall a character early but then you will lose all materials. Finally, certain characters have special bonuses when sent to an area. For example sending Fischl on an expedition to Mondstadt or Chongyun to Liyue with take less time to complete it.

3. Spend your Resin

Resin is very important in Genshin Impact. It is a limited currency that you can use to obtain rewards when defeating Bosses or completing Domains, Ley Line Outcrops. You have 160 Resin available to you every day, that recharges at a rate of 1 Resin every 8 minutes. Using your Resin everyday is rather important for your daily activities and your overall progression. How you choose to spend it however, depends on your goals at any given moment and the character or item you wish to upgrade.

Completing Domains for Weapon Ascension Materials, Talent Level-Up Materials or Artifacts is one of the main ways to spend your time in-game. Materials Domains switch rewards daily as well, so which domains you visit every day will differ. Defeating Special Bosses for unique rewards also requires Resin and is an important daily activity. Since Resin is limited, you cannot continue completing Domains and Bosses all day unless you choose to buy more with Primogems or use Fragile Resin to restore 60 Resin every time.

When you run out of Resin and if you do not want to spend Primogems or Fragile Resin to restore it you can always try your luck in the Spiral Abyss. A special type of Abyssal Domain you can unlock at Adventure Rank 20 that offers unique rewards.

4. Farm Materials

Farming Materials to upgrade your Characters, Weapons or Artifacts does not occur only in Domains or by defeating Bosses with the use of Resin but also in the Open World of Genshin Impact. Defeating normal enemies while exploring/traveling around in order to collect the materials they drop is integral to in-game progression. Specific plants are also very important for that purpose. The best way to farm fast a specific material, plant or type of food is to know where you can find them. This is why it is important to bookmark points of interest on your map while exploring an area. So you can always travel there fast and collect the materials you need.

5. Battlepass Daily Quests

Completing the Battlepass’ Daily Quests is another activity you can complete everyday. In total there are four daily Battlepass activities that you should always try to complete.

  • Log in(easy to do!)
  • Complete 4 Daily Commissions
  • Mine 10 items
  • Use a total of 150 Original Resin

As you can see all four activities are part of the daily routine and will help you unlock more levels and rewards in the Battlepass. You need to be Adventure Rank 20 to unlock the Battlepass however.

genshin impact daily routine

Weekly Activities

Weekly Activities are special activities you can complete once every Week. These are also quite important for your overall progress and will help you unlock more rewards.

1. Weekly Bosses

Once every Week you can defeat one of the Special Weekly Bosses in order to obtain their unique rewards. Weekly Bosses are special encounters taking place in separate domains. To obtain their rewards you can spend 30 Resin for the first three Bosses and 60 for the rest. So in total 150 Resin to complete four. The Weekly Bosses in Genshin Impact right now are:

  • Stormterror(Confront Stormterror), unlocked after completing the “A Long Shot” Quest, Archon Quests Prologue, Act III.
  • Boreas(Wolf of the North Challenge), unlocked after completing “The Meaning of Lupical” quest, Razor’s Story Quest, Act I
  • Childe(Enter the Golden House), unlocked after completing Archon Quests Chapter I, Act III quest
  • Azhdaha(Beneath the Dragon-Queller), unlocked after completing Historia Antiqua Chapter: Act II – No Mere Stone.
  • Signora(Narukami Island: Tenshukaku), unlocked after completing Archon Quest Chapter II, Act III: Omnipresence Over Mortals.
  • Guardian of Eternity(Narikami Island: End of the Oneiric Euthymia), unlocked after completing Raiden Shogun’s Story Quest “Imperatrix Umbrosa Chapter: Act II”.
  • Shouki(Joururi Workshop), unlocked after completing the “Where the Boat of Consiousness Lies” Archon Quest, Chapter III.
  • Guardian(The Realm of Beginning), unlocked after completing “What Shape Does the Self Hold” in Nahida‘s Story Quest Sapientia Oromasdis Chapter: Act II – Homecoming.

Weekly Bosses refresh every Monday

2. Reputation Quests & Bounties

The Reputation System is another in-game activity you can complete every week, in order to increase your Reputation with the cities of Teyvat. You can complete up to three Requests and Bounties every Week and boost your Reputation at the city you complete them. Bounties and Requests refresh every Monday.

3. Battlepass Weekly Quests

Like with its Daily Quests, the Battlepass offers more opportunities to increase your level and unlock new rewards. These quests refresh every Monday and you have the entire Week to complete them, so you can combine them with your Daily quests or other activities.

Other Activities

You can complete more activities every day/week and assist your overall progress.

1. Gather Ore & Wood

Ore and other minerals are useful for crafting weapons, upgrading materials and even completing Reputation Requests. Visiting rich deposits and mining them is one extra activity you can complete every day. Wood on the other hand is a necessary material for creating furniture! Attack Trees normally to gather wood and use it to create furniture for your Housing – Serenitea Pot Realm!

2. Cook Food

Cooking Food is another helpful activity you can perform during the Week. Having the right food can assist you when fighting harder enemies or when exploring by reducing your Stamina consumption.

3. Fishing

Fishing is another interesting activity that can keep you occupied every day. With fishing you can catch fish and use them as a food source or exchange them to one of the Fishing Association NPC for Bait recipes, furniture blueprints, more fishing rods and The Catch, a unique 4-Star Polearm!

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