genshin impact elemental reactions

Genshin Impact Elemental Reactions

Combat in Genshin Impact revolves around Elemental Reactions! They are the heart of the game and determine how fast you can defeat opponents but also how far you can progress. All characters in the game, including enemies, have an affinity to an element and deal specific elemental damage with their skills. The elements react differently with each other and produce unique effects that can help you deal with opponents faster. Sometimes creating the right combo of elemental damage is vital to defeat stronger enemies and complete harder content.

The way you combine your characters determines what kind of elemental reactions you can trigger and how you can defeat enemies. To trigger Elemental Reactions, you have to switch characters often when in combat and use their elemental skills!

Elemental Reactions in Genshin Impact

In total there are seven Elements in Genshin Impact that you can combine and trigger their reactions.


When combining different elements, these are the types of reactions you can get and their effects:

AggravateQuicken + Causes even more Electro damage to Quickened enemies!
Bloom+Creates Dendro Cores.
Burgeon+When Dendro Core from Bloom meets Pyro it causes Burgeon, which triggers a greater AOE Dendro damage.
Burning+Deals ongoing Pyro Damage for a duration
Catalyze/Quicken+Turns enemies Quickened!
Crystallize+///Creates a shield that absorbs all damage but is vulnerable against opposing Element types.
Electro-Charged+Deals Electro Damage over time.
Frozen+Freezes the target. If the target is hit by a Claymore, Plunge Attack or Geo damage it will cause Shattered. Shattering a frozen target deals additional physical damage.
Hyperbloom+When Dendro Core from Bloom meets Electro it causes Hyperbloom, which creates homing Sprawling Shots that deal Electro damage.
Melt+Deals extra Pyro or Cryo Damage.
Overloaded+Deals AOE Pyro Damage.
SpreadQuicken + Causes even more Dendro damage to Quickened enemies!
Superconduct+Deals AOE Cryo Damage and reduces the target's Physical Resistance.
Swirl+///Deals extra elemental damage and spreads the effect.
Vaporize+Deals extra Pyro or Hydro Damage.

Setting up your group based on each characters’ elements and reactions you can trigger is vital for success in the game. This interaction between the elements also addsa strategic aspect to combat and gameplay, making Genshin Impact more fun.

You can amplify the damage of your Elemental Reactions by increasing your characters’ Elemental Mastery. Elemental Mastery is a stat you can get from Weapons and Artifacts but also in the form of skills for certain characters.

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