genshin impact verdict


Verdict is a Claymore in Genshin Impact that boosts your Crit Rate, ATK and increases Elemental Skill DMG based on the Crystallize reaction! You can get the Weapon via Wishes. Its special effect is Many Oaths of Dawn and Dusk:

genshin impact verdict
Genshin Impact Verdict Stats

Increases ATK by 20%. When characters in your party obtain Elemental Shards from Crystallize reactions, the equipping character will gain 1 Seal, increasing Elemental Skill DMG by 18%. The Seal lasts for 15s, and the equipper may have up to 2 Seals at once. All of the equipper’s Seals will disappear 0.2s after their Elemental Skill deals DMG.

Builds that can use this Weapon are: