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Dendro Traveler Support Build

Dendro Traveler Support Build in Genshin Impact, that can deal Dendro damage but also trigger Dendro based reactions for your party! The Traveler is a unique character in Genshin Impact that has access to every Elemental Damage in the game! To gain access to Traveler’s Dendro skills, all you have to do is interact with a Statue of the Seven in the Sumeru area and pick the “Resonate with Dendro” option. This will give you access to Dendro based Elemental Skill and Burst for the Traveler! This Genshin Impact Dendro Traveler Build Guide is focusing on the role of Support!

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Weapon for Dendro Traveler Support Build in Genshin Impact

Our goal is to cast the Traveler’s skills often so we can trigger reactions. To achieve this we can boost the Traveler’s Energy Recharge Stat. The Favonius Sword is the best Sword for a Dendro Support Traveler. A weapon that boosts Energy Recharge and regenerates Energy. This allows you to cast the Traveler’s Elemental Skill and Burst more often.

favonius sword

Good alternative weapons include:

Artifacts for Dendro Traveler Support Build in Genshin Impact

For a Support Build that will maximize the Traveler’s Elemental Burst effects, the Noblesse Oblige is the best option, since it boosts Burst Damage and buffs the ATK of party members when using an Elemental Burst. Other good alternatives include Deepwood Memories and Emblem of Severed Fate.

noblesse oblige

Our desired Stats for Artifacts are:

  • Energy Recharge
  • Dendro DMG
  • ATK%
  • Crit Rate/DMG

Skills for Dendro Traveler Support Build in Genshin Impact

Traveler’s Normal attack is called Foreign Fieldcleaver and its effects are:

  • Normal Attack: Performs up to 5 rapid strikes.
  • Charged Attack: Consumes a certain amount of Stamina to unleash 2 rapid sword strikes.
  • Plunging Attack: Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, damaging opponents along the path and dealing AOE DMG upon impact.

Their Elemental Skill is called Razorglass Blade and with a flourish of your blade, you unleash a spray of razor-sharp leaves that go before you and deal Dendro DMG.

Their Elemental Burst, Surgent Manifestation, is calling upon the might of the flora all around you, to create a Lea Lotus Lamp. This Lamp will deal continuous Dendro DMG to opponents within its AoE. The Lea Lotus Lamp will undergo the following changes after it comes into contact with Hydro/Electro/Pyro(Lotuslight Transfiguration):

  • Electro: the Lamp’s ATK SPD is increased.
  • Hydro: the Lamp’s AOE and the AOE of its attacks are increased.
  • Pyro: the Lamp will explode after a short delay and then disappear, dealing AOE Dendro DMG.

The Lea Lotus Lamp can only undergo one Lotuslight Transfiguration in its duration. Only one Lamp created by the Traveler can exist at any one time.

Best Party Members for Dendro Traveler Support Build in Genshin Impact

You can use the Dendro Traveler as a Support character in every party that wants to trigger Dendro based Elemental Reactions or if you want to boost the damage of other Dendro characters with the Deepwood Memories Artifact!

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