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Kirara Support Build

Kirara is a 4-Star Sword user in Genshin Impact that can shield your Party from harm! A Dendro character that can offer Shields, deal damage and trigger Elemental Reactions. Kirara is a nice Support character that protects you with strong shields based on her Max HP! This is why investing in her HP stat is the best way to build her as Support. This Genshin Impact Kirara Build Guide is focusing on the role of Support!

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Weapon for Kirara Support Build in Genshin Impact

Our focus with this Support Build is to offer strong shields to the party! To achieve this we should focus on increasing Kirara’s Maximum HP. Because of this condition the Key of Khaj-Nisut Sword seems to be the best option for the Build! A sword that boosts Maximum HP and the Elemental Mastery of the character based on their Max HP!

key of khaj-nisut

Increasing her Energy Recharge is also a great alternative that will allow you to cast her skills more often. Good alternative weapons include:

Artifacts for Kirara Support Build in Genshin Impact

Combining the Tenacity of the Millelith Set with Vourukasha’s Glow will give us the best boost to Max HP! The  Noblesse Oblige Set is great if you wish to boost her Elemental Burst and provide additional Buffs to your Party. Deepwood Memories is another great alternative if you wish to boost Dendro damage and reduce the Dendro resistance of enemies.

vourukasha's glow

Our desired Stats for Artifacts are:

  • HP%
  • Energy Recharge
  • Elemental Mastery
  • Dendro DMG

Skills for Kirara Support Build in Genshin Impact

Kirara’s Normal attack is called Boxcutter and its effects are:

  • Normal Attack: Performs up to 4 rapid strikes.
  • Charged Attack: Consumes a certain amount of Stamina to unleash 3 rapid claw strikes.
  • Plunging Attack: Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, damaging opponents along the path and dealing AOE DMG upon impact.

Her Elemental SkillMewo-teor Kick, makes her leap into the air with all the agility of a cat passing through the bushes, and thwacks her foes with a flying kick that deals AOE Dendro DMG while creating a Shield of Safe Transport. This will also briefly apply Dendro to Kirara. The shield will absorb Dendro DMG with 250% effectiveness. The shield’s DMG absorption will be based on Kirara’s Max HP and will not exceed a certain percentage of that Max HP. The remaining DMG absorption on a Shield of Safe Transport will stack on a new one when it is created, and its duration will reset.

When you Hold the skill, she deploys a Shield of Safe Transport identical to the one that can be created by pressing the skill. She will also curl up into a special express delivery box, entering the Urgent Neko Parcel state in order to move and fight more swiftly. In this state, Deals Dendro DMG to opponents she crashes into. This effect can be triggered once on each opponent every 0.5s. Kirara’s movement speed, climbing speed, and jumping power are all increased, and her Stamina Consumption from climbing is increased.

When the duration ends or the skill is used again, a Flipclaw Strike more powerful than the attack in the Mode will be unleashed, dealing AOE Dendro DMG. The Urgent Neko Parcel state lasts a maximum of 10s. When the state ends, the skill will enter CD. The longer Kirara spends in this state, the longer the CD will be. Sprinting or actively canceling climbing will end this state early.

Her Elemental BurstSurprise Dispatch, smashes opponents with a Special Delivery Package used for punishing parcel thieves, dealing AOE Dendro DMG. After the Special Delivery Package explodes, it will split up into many Cat Grass Cardamoms that will explode either upon contact with opponents or after a period of time, dealing AOE Dendro DMG.

Best Party Members for Kirara Support Build in Genshin Impact

Kirara can offer shields but also Elemental Reactions, which makes her a good support character for many parties! You can combine her with Hydro characters, like Nilou for Bloom or Electro characters like Keqing for Aggravate! You can also have her support other Dendro characters like Alhaitham.

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