genhin impact how to level up

Genshin Impact How to Level up

Leveling up your characters in Genshin Impact is an important process that can help you become stronger and defeat harder enemies for better rewards. But Genshin Impact is not your typical open world RPG, it does things its own way and it does them well. While in similar titles your main way of leveling up your characters is by killing enemies repeatedly, this method will not work in Genshin Impact. You do get some experience doing this but the amount is so small that makes the process ineffective.

The main and fastest way to level up your characters in Genshin Impact is by using EXP material. Increasing the level of your characters is only one aspect of leveling up in the game though. You can also level up the rank of their talents(skills) and unlock their Constellation if you are lucky enough with wishes.

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Level up with EXP Material in Genshin Impact

In total there are three different EXP Materials you can use in Genshin Impact to level up your characters from level 1 up to the maximum level. These are:

  • Wanderer’s Advice, that rewards 1000 EXP
  • Adventurer’s Experience, that rewards 5000 EXP
  • Hero’s Wit, that rewards 20000 EXP

Wanderer’s Advice should be enough to get the first 10-20 levels on a character but as your level increases, Adventurer’s Experience and Hero’s Wit become more important.

You can get these materials as rewards from chests, quests and other activities like completing Domains, Ley Line Outcrops or tasks in your Adventurer’s Handbook. These three materials are very important for your progress and you will always have to be looking for them. With enough of those you can get a brand new character from level 1 to the maximum level in no time. To get a level you also have to pay some Mora when using these materials and obviously the higher the level the more expensive the process.

Ascension in Genshin Impact

Ascension is a special form of leveling up that is happening every few levels. In order to continue gaining levels on your characters you have first to complete this Ascension step. Basically characters have a level limit they can achieve and in order to get past it and earn more levels, they have to complete an Ascension. The first Ascension is happening at level 20, the second at level 40 and from that point on every 10 levels.

To complete the Ascension step you need to farm specific items for every character. These items can drop from Bosses, normal enemies or you can collect them in the open world. Ascension is also limited by your Adventure Rank. So in order to be able to complete an Ascension step, you may have to reach first a specific Adventure Rank.

genshin impact how to level up

Level up Talents in Genshin Impact

Each character has its own unique Talents(skills) that you can also level up in order to make them stronger. Talents require specific items to level up. You can get these items from Domains and normal enemies killed around the world of Genshin Impact.

Constellation in Genshin Impact

Constellation is another important aspect for every character in the game. Unlocking a constellation will make your character stronger but relies mostly on luck. To unlock the constellation you need to use a special item called Stella Fortuna. The only way to get that item is by getting a duplicate character through the wish system.

The Traveler is a bit different. To unlock his/her constellation, you need an item called Memories. You can get that as a reward from the main quest, when increasing your Adventure Rank or you can buy it from the Souvenir shop with sigils. Unlocking the full constellation of characters makes them stronger but it is not something you can depend on, since it is based on pure luck(except for the Traveler).

These are the main ways to level up your characters and make them stronger. Gaining higher levels will increase their stats and help you deal with harder enemies. There are of course other aspects of the game that can help you become stronger, including upgrading your Weapons and Artifacts.

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