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Moon-Bathed Deep Quest

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The Moon-Bathed Deep is a World quest in the island of Watatsumi, Inazuma. A World Quest with several tasks to complete that reminds the multi-part quest “Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual” of the Narukami Island.

To complete these tasks, you will have to visit four different areas of the Watatsumi island and solve specific puzzles there. The goal of this quest is to open the way to Enkanomiya so eventually the maidens can perform a sacred ritual and save the island of Watatsumi. When you complete The Moon-Bathed Deep Quest, you will also unlock the “The Same Moonlight” achievement.

Completing this Quest is also a prerequisite to enter the Enkanomiya area, beneath Watatsuni Island.

Start Quest

To begin the quest, first find Tsuyuko, the Sangonomiya’s shrine, Shrine Maiden. You can find Tsuyuko near the Mouun shrine, located West of Sangonomiya Shrine and the Statue of the Seven in the area.

Tsuyuko will request your assistance in retrieving four Spirit pearls from the Goshou Rocks around the island. These Goshou Rocks are basically shrine-looking seals with a special puzzle to solve each. Next to them there is a stone table that provides some info on how to solve each puzzle.

The seals are:

  • Eye of Watatsumi
  • Fang of Watatsumi
  • Fin of Watatsumi
  • Tail of Watatsumi

Obtaining the pearls from these four seals will allow you to enter the fifth one, the Heart of Watatsumi.

moon-bathed deep quest


You can only access the Heart after you have obtained the four pearls from the Eye, Fang, Fin and Tail! Each seal has its own unique puzzle or mechanic to solve.

Eye of Watatsumi

The Eye of Watatsumi Seal is located on a small island West of the Sangonomiya Shrine. When you reach the location, read the stone tablet for some additional info on how to break the seal.

Use your Elemental Sight and follow the routes to the three concentrations of elemental power. Attack them to break them and defeat the enemies that are already there or will spawn after.

Return to the seal to retrieve your first Spirit Pearl.

Fang of Watatsumi

The Fang is located on the Northwestern part of the island. This time you will have to defend a Ley Line Monolith for five minutes from waves of enemies. This part can be quite tricky to complete so make sure to buff yourself with food and use the electrogranum nearby for extra AOE damage.

Defeat all waves of enemies and get the Spirit Pearl.

moon-bathed deep quest

Fin of Watatsumi

The Fin is located on the North part of the island, on an islet. There are two puzzle mechanics nearby. Your goal is to rotate the statues and align them towards the center of the circle.

A quite easy puzzle to complete. Just start with the closest to the seal and you will complete it fast. Read the tablet first to unlock the statues, rotate the fish-like structures to face the center and pay respects to the statues to solve the puzzle.

Tail of Watatsumi

Finally you can find the Tail on an island, Southeast of the main island of Watatsumi. Grab the electrogranum nearby and get close to each one of the six lamps leading the way to the seal. That will break the seal and spawn some Fatui enemies.

Defeat the Fatui first, then take the pearl.

Heart of Watatsumi

Once you have all four pearls, find Tsuyuko in the Sangonomiya Shrine. She will tell you to follow her to the location of the Heart. The final Seal is locked behind a barrier and to unlock it the four pearls are necessary.

Place the pearls to the barrier and enter the cavern. Inside you will find four puzzles similar to the ones required to break the seal of the Fin. The main difference this time is that when completing a puzzle, water based enemies will spawn.

Not all four puzzles are available to solve immediately. Complete the first three to unlock the fourth and last one. Again the goal is to rotate the structures towards the center of the circle and prey to the statue to proceed.

Defeat any enemies that appear and move to the next circle. When you complete the fourth puzzle a few waves of enemies will spawn. Defeat them and after a short cut-scene, approach the center of the cavern and get the Key of the Moon-Bathed Deep.

Give the key to Tsuyuko to complete the quest and unlock the “The Same Moonlight” achievement. You can now start the “The Still Water’s Flow” Quest by talking to Tsuyuko in order to enter Enkanomiya!

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