genshin impact spiral abyss

Genshin Impact Spiral Abyss

Spiral Abyss is the Ultimate challenge in Genshin Impact! A strictly solo experience where players can test their combat expertise and the effectiveness of their party! A special domain that unlocks at Adventure Rank 20. The Spiral Abyss consists of several floors. Each with three chambers full of enemies, that you have to defeat before the time runs out. Progressing through the Spiral Abyss, requires strategy and good understanding of your characters. Synergy between party members and the right use of Elemental reactions is necessary for success.

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Spiral Abyss Location & How to Get There

The entrance to the Spiral Abyss is located on Musk Reef, a small island, East of Cape Oath, Mondstadt. Northeast of the teleport waypoint in Cape Oath, you will find a floating purple portal. There is a seelie puzzle underneath. Find the three Seelie around the area and a gust of wind will appear. The wind will get you high enough to use the portal, which will take you to Musk Reef. Approach the entrance to unlock the Spiral Abyss. From now on you can teleport directly here to start the challenge.

genshin impact spiral abyss

Spiral Abyss Floors in Genshin Impact

The Spiral Abyss consists of twelve floors, divided in two different parts, the Abyss Corridor and the Abyssal Moon Spire.

genshin impact spiral abyss

Abyss Corridor

The Corridor consists of eight Floors, that you have to unlock before you can proceed to the Abyssal Moon Spire. Each floor has three chambers with different enemies to defeat. As you climb up, the enemies become stronger. For the first four floors there is only one challenge per chamber. After the fifth floor, each chamber is divided in two parts and you will need two parties to clear them. To unlock the next Floor you have to complete the previous one and collect at least six stars. More on stars and party setup below.

When you clear the third chamber of the third floor you will receive Xiangling for free. A powerful Pyro character that can help you clear the Abyss faster. Every new player should focus on getting Xiangling from Floor 3, Chamber 3 of the Abyss as soon as possible. When you clear the third chamber of the fourth floor you will also receive Collei for free! Once you defeat Floor 8, Chamber 3 you will unlock the Abyssal Moon Spire.

genshin impact spiral abyss

Abyssal Moon Spire

The Abyssal Moon Spire consists of four more Floors, increasing the total number of floors to twelve. These provide a more difficult challenge to players and reset every fifteen days. On the first and sixteenth day of every month the Abyssal Moon Spire is resetting and switching phases. This means that you can farm rewards from the Spire every fifteen days.

Stars, Blessing & Rewards

Every time the Spire resets, you also get a new blessing that affects gameplay. Paying attention to the blessing can affect your strategy when clearing the chambers. The Spiral Abyss is all about the Stars you collect. Every time you complete a chamber inside the time limit, you earn up to three stars, depending on how fast and efficient you were.

genshin impact spiral abyss

Each Chamber rewards up to three Stars, so you can get up to nine Stars from every floor. To unlock the next floor, you need to have six stars in the previous one. The amount of Stars you get also determines the rewards from each chamber. When you clear a Chamber for the first time, you will earn a generous Chamber’s Bounty. You can only get the bounty once for floors 1-8, since their clear is permanent. You can however farm these rewards for floors 9-12 every time they reset.

Additionally, every time you earn 3, 6 or 9 Stars on a floor, you receive a Star’s Bounty as a reward. This provides Primogems and Mora. Like with the Chamber’s Bounty, you can get the Star’s Bounty for Floors 1-8 once but you can farm it for Floors 9-12 every time they reset. Chambers also reward you with reliquaries, which give Artifact Sets.

Ley Line Disorder, Benedictions, Enemies & Party Setup

Every floor has a Ley Line Disorder that affects combat. The disorder can be a buff, a debuff or an effect on the floor. Taking that into account can help you defeat enemies and clear chambers faster. For example, if the Disorder boosts the Electro damage of your characters by x%, it will be wise to use an Electro based character in your party. However the composition of enemies in a chamber can affect the success of your party as well. You can see what enemies each chamber has by clicking on the Chamber before starting the challenge.

genshin impact spiral abyss

Chambers in the first four floors only have one set of enemies. From Floor five and beyond, challenges are divided in two parts with different enemies. The last Chamber in a Floor is where the Boss of the Floor can be found. A harder enemy than the rest. The distribution of enemies and the existence of two parts will affect your party making decisions. After Floor five, two parties of four characters are necessary to complete the challenges. So that means, that a player must have access to at least eight characters to proceed further into the Abyss, since a character cannot be used in both parties.

genshin impact spiral abyss

Before you begin fighting in every chamber, you get to choose a Benediction. Benedictions are buffs that can boost your stats for the entire Floor, the current Chamber or simply heal your party. You are presented with three options but can choose only one Benediction.

Spiral Abyss Restrictions in Genshin Impact

The Spiral Abyss has several restrictions that make it even more challenging. When inside the Abyss you cannot:

  • Consume Food or other Consumables
  • Change your Equipment(Artifacts, Weapons)
  • Level up/Ascend Characters
  • Change Party Members

This makes the preparation phase even more important. Take your time to study the Ley Line Disorder and enemies in every chamber before you decide the characters for your party. You cannot change Party members between Chambers, only before you enter a Floor. Even with the right Setup, the Spiral Abyss can be quite challenging. Leveling up your characters, weapons and artifacts is necessary to proceed further and eventually clear all Floors.

Understanding how your characters work together and creating the right combinations for each Floor and Chamber is also quite important. But like with every other challenge, practice makes better, so do not be afraid to fail and learn!