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Genshin Impact Housing

Serenitea Pot is a robust Housing System in Genshin Impact, that allows players to obtain and decorate their own house. Player houses do not exist in Teyvat but in other different realms you can unlock. The Realms you can unlock are five:

  • Cool Isle
  • Emerald Peak
  • Floating Abode
  • Silken Courtyard
  • Sublime Spicewood

It is possible to decorate your own house but also place several other buildings inside those realms. Like this you can expand your creation and create a small village or a city-like area of your own! Housing realms are not just lifeless places with only empty buildings though since you can invite friends, place pets and even have your own characters in there.

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Getting Started with Housing in Genshin Impact

To start decorating your House you will first need the Serenitea Pot. A gadget that you can get from Madame Ping. By using the Pot you can teleport to one of the available realms! To obtain the gadget you must first complete the “A Teapot to Call Home” quest. Players at Adventure Rank 28 and above that have already completed the Archon quest, Chapter I: Act III “A New Star Approaches” can accept the quest.

By using the gadget, you can enter the realm of your choice and start creating furnishings. You can unlock the other realms later. Inside the realm you will find Tubby! Tubby is a teapot spirit that acts as your housing assistant. He can help you unlock new realms, furnishing blueprints and even items but first you have to earn his trust. When talking to him you have the option to check his Trust level, switch Realm Style if you have unlocked more realms, Create Furnishings, visit the Realm Depot and of course learn more about him.

To increase his trust level, all you have to do is create furnishings! You can create them by collecting materials around Teyvat and accessing Tubby’s creation menu. You are not limited only to the interior of buildings but you can design and place furnishings in the exterior as well. Only one creation is available at first but can unlock more creation slots by increasing Tubby’s Trust level. Furnishings take real time to complete. You can use a Vial of Adeptal Speed to complete immediately an item without having to wait.

Some of the materials required to create furnishings can be easily found around Teyvat, like Ore or wood. You can get wood by attacking trees in the world, create fabric with Silk Flower and dyes by using fruits and plants. Sunsettia for red dye, Berry for yellow and Mint for Blue! Creating and placing furnishings or completing other tasks, rewards you with new Blueprints and other items, even Pets.

Adeptal Energy & Realm Currency in Genshin Impact

Realm Currency is required to unlock new blueprints, items and buildings. It increases slowly but you can speed up the process by placing more furnishings inside the realm. By placing more furnishings in the Serenitea Pot you increase Adeptal Energy which enables the realm to produce more realm currency. So basically by making and placing furnishings, you get more resources to create and place even more!

You can use the currency to buy new furnishings and items as well as buy rare items and realm treasures from the Realm Depot and the teapot traveling salesman that visits the realm. Your realm currency is saved in the Jar of Riches, which has a maximum storage limit.

Buildings, Pets & Companions

Inside each realm you can place several buildings and create anything you like. From a walled Mansion to a small village to chill with your friends. You can even place pets and your own characters, as companions, in order to make the place feel more alive! To do this you must first complete the “Idle Teapot Talk Quest” that you can get from Tubby.

Completing the quest will unlock the Companion Move-In feature and allow you to place your characters wherever you want. Companions invited to your realm will earn Companionship EXP continuously. It is even possible to chat with them. More dialogue options unlock at higher Friendship levels. As you increase your Trust Rank, you also increase the number of Companions you can place inside your realm. Each Companion has their favorite Furnishing Set with blueprints you can get from the Realm Depot. After completing and placing those sets, companions will give to players various gifts.

genshin impact housing

You can place your creations inside or outside buildings easily by pressing F7 and accessing the placement screen. Here you can pick a spot, rotate the item and confirm the placement once you are satisfied with the result.

Gardening in Genshin Impact

With gardening it is possible to grow plants in your Housing Realm! To be able to use this feature, first you have to complete the “The Art of Horticulture” World Quest. To unlock the quest, reach Reputation level 3 in the Inazuma region. After completing the quest you will receive the Seed Dispensary gadget, by Madame Ping. With the gadget equipped, it is possible to obtain seeds whenever you collect plants around Teyvat. Seeds are also available in the Realm Depot!

To plant your seeds a field is necessary. There are three types of fields available for purchase, again from the Realm Depot. These are:

  • A Path of Value: Jade Field
  • A Path of Value: Luxuriant Glebe
  • A Path of Value: Orderly Meadow

The fields are considered furnishings and can grow different types of plants. Place the fields to use your seeds. Wait for the plants to grow and harvest them. It is also possible to clear a field if you wish to replace the seeds on it. This new system is a great way to get plants as resources for upgrading your characters or simply decorating your Realm.

Ornamental Fish for Housing in Genshin Impact

Ornamental Fish is a type of fish you can catch and raise in the Serenitea Pot, with the system of Fishing! To raise fish you will need the “Pool of Sapphire Grace” furniture, placed in your realm. You can exchange fish for its blueprint at the Liyue Fishing Association.

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