genshin impact peak of vindagnyr
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Genshin Impact Peak of Vindagnyr

The Peak of Vindagnyr is a domain that was added to Genshin Impact with the 1.2 version. The domain is located at the center of the Dragonspine area and is not immediately available to players. In order to gain access to the Domain and the center of Dragonspine, you must first complete the quest “In the Mountains” and clear the path to this specific part of the map.

In the Mountains Quest Genshin Impact

The center of the Dragonspine area is cut off from the rest of the map with a raging snowstorm. Players cannot enter this part of Dragonspine unless they complete first the “In the Mountains” World Quest.

You can receive the quest from the Iris NPC, found at the adventurer’s camp North of the Dragonspine area. The quest will ask you to investigate a few shards of strange ice. In order to unlock the path and reach the domain you have to destroy three Frost Shards and interact with the Orbs left behind.

Frost Shards & their Location

In total there are three Frost Shards, that you have to destroy in order to unlock the center of the map and the Peak of Vindagnyr Domain. These shards can only be destroyed with attacks under the influence of Scarlet Quartz. Search the area around to find and collect Scarlet Quartz, then attack the shards to destroy them. Four attacks are required to destroy each Shard.

genshin impact peak of vindagnyr

First Frost Shard

The First Frost Shard is found at the location of the Frostbearing Tree and by destroying it, you also gain access to this new Feature and its rewards. Relatively easy to find and destroy, located North of the area’s Statue of the Seven. The only challenge nearby is a Frostwarm Lavachurl enemy that you can however ignore.

Second Frost Shard

The second Frost Shard is located inside a hidden cavern at the West part of the map, next to a teleport point. The cavern is locked and in order to gain access to it, you have to complete the puzzle on top. Start the challenge and watch which totems the warming seelie is visiting. Activate them with a Cryo character in the right order and defeat the three enemies(two Ruin Guards and one Ruin Grader) to open the entrance. Jump into the cavern where you can find the Frost Shard. Attack it four times while under the influence of Scarlet Quartz and interact with the Orb.

Third Frost Shard

The third and final Shard is located at the lowest floor inside Starglow Cavern. Just follow the spiraling path to reach this area. The Shard is protected by a shield that you must defeat before you can destroy it. To destroy the shield, complete the challenge available in the area. Once the shield is down, attack the Shard with Scarlet Quartz and interact with the Orb left behind.

Peak of Dragonspine

Once all three Shards are destroyed, you will gain access to the center of Dragonspine. A broken pillar can be found there and in order to restore it, you have to destroy three more frost shards. Luckily this time one only hit is enough.

Search the new area for Scarlet Quartz to attack the Shards. The Pillar will Ascend and reveal the area beneath it, which is where you can find the entrance to the Peak of Vindagnyr Domain but also one of the Stone Tablets required for the Snow-Tombed Starsilver Weapon. Enter the Domain to unlock it and be able to teleport directly to it from anywhere around the World.

Peak of Vindagnyr Domain

The Peak of Vindagnyr Domain offers two new Artifact Sets as its unique reward but will also challenge you with its unique conditions.

Sheer Cold is a prevalent mechanic in this Domain, like with the entire area of Dragonspine. While you are fighting enemies in the Domain you accumulate Sheer Cold. The tiles of the arena will be switching to Cold and Warm status. Cold tiles will accelerate Sheer Cold while Warm tiles will diminish it.

The two new Artifact Sets you can get as a reward from this domain are:

The Elements recommended for this new Domain are Pyro, Electro, Geo and Anemo. Pyro will work well since enemies inside the domain rely on cryo attacks, shields and are vulnerable to Pyro.