genshin impact assassin of kings

Genshin Impact Assassin of Kings

Assassin of Kings is one of the achievements in the new Genshin Impact 1.2 update. You can complete the achievement by defeating a secret Boss in the new area of Dragonspine. The Boss is the Great Snowboar King and is a huge Boar with its own unique set of attacks.

Location and How to Complete

You can find the location of the achievement in the new zone of Dragonspine, on a plateau South-East of the Statue of the Seven and the Frostbearing Tree. There are four frozen Boars in the area, that you have to unfreeze and attack. Collecting their Chilled Meat also counts for the “Ah, Fresh Meat” quest.

This can be done easily by using the skills of Fire based characters, like Xiangling or Amber. Once you unfreeze and kill all Boars, the Great Snowboar King will appear and immediately attack you.

The Snowboar King is a tough enemy with a few strong attacks. His main attack is a charge, like normal Boars do around Teyvat, which can be avoided easily by dodging the right moment.

He can summon four smaller boars to range attack an area in front of them and he can also stomp the ground causing chunks of Ice to fall and deal AOE damage. Once you defeat him you get the Assassin of Kings achievement!

genshin impact assassin of kings
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