genshin impact 1.2 features

Genshin Impact 1.2 Features


Version 1.2, “The Chalk Prince and the Dragon” is the next major update for Genshin Impact that will add new features and items to the game. The update is planned to release on December 23rd and will add a new Area, two new Characters and an interesting new gameplay feature along with several new items.

The 1.2 update is the biggest update for the game so far that expands the world and introduces a survival like experience.

Dragonspine & Sheer Cold

The new area is called Dragonspine and is located south of Mondstadt. Dragonspine is a mountainous region with a unique mechanic. Players exploring the area will be affected by the “Sheer Cold” status effect.

Sheer Cold is basically a freezing effect that gradually increases and affects the character. Once the Sheer Cold meter reaches its maximum level, players will start losing Health and will eventually die. When swimming, Sheer Cold will increase faster. The same will happen if you get caught in the snowstorms that will be raging in the new region.

This is the first time we see a mechanic like that in Genshin Impact, a survival-like game feature that will affect our journey in the new area.

Sheer Cold sounds like an annoying feature to deal with but thankfully there will be ways to counter it.

First of all you can fire up bonfires, braziers, get near Statue of the Seven or warming Seelie to warm yourself and fight this status effect. Another way is to eat special food but you will have to first find and learn the recipe by completing the “Ah, Fresh Meat” quest.

Create and use a Warming Bottle. You can learn the blueprint for this item by making offerings to the Frostbearing Tree and increasing its level. Finally you can collect Scarlet Quartz, a unique ore found around the Dragonspine area.

Scarlet Quartz can halt the accumulation of Sheer Cold but can also be used to shatter “peculiar ice” around the area to reach items and rewards hidden beneath it.

genshin impact 1.2 features

Frostbearing Tree & Rewards

Frostbearing Tree is another new feature that comes to Genshin Impact with the 1.2 update. By collecting Crimson Agate and offering it to the tree, you can level it up and unlock its special rewards.

There are twelve levels in total and the rewards include Acquaint and Intertwined Fates, Mora, upgrade materials, a new Catalyst type Weapon, a new Namecard, a new Wing Glider and more.

Once the Tree has reached level 8, new Crimson Wish Quests will unlock as well. These quests reward Crimson Agate and refresh every Monday and Friday until the Frostbearing Tree reaches its maximum level.

Peak of Vindagnyr Domain

Peak of Vindagnyr is a new domain that comes along with the 1.2 update. In this Domain you can earn two new Artifact Sets, the Blizzard Strayer and the Heart of Depth Sets. The Domain will be affected by Sheer Cold, making it harder to clear it.

The Chalk Prince and the Dragon Event

The 1.2 Update will also introduce a brand new event called “The Chalk Prince and the Dragon”. Through this event players can earn an exclusive weapon, a Sword called “Festering Desire”.

Completing specific quests during the event unlocks new effects for the Sword and offers special buffs to characters equipped with it.

More new events are planned as well.

New Characters

Two New Characters will become available with the new update, Albedo and Ganyu.

Albedo is a 5-Star Geo Fighter using a Sword while Ganyu is also a 5-Star Cryo Fighter, using a Bow.

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