blue protocol classes

Blue Protocol Classes

Blue Protocol has announced five playable Classes ahead of its 2023 Global Release! These are not your typical Fantasy MMO Classes but will offer more flexibility. Classes in Blue Protocol depend on the weapon a character is using. So it is possible to switch from one Class to another by simply switching your equipped weapon! Because of this a player will be able to experience and maybe even master, all available Classes in the game!

What Are the Blue Protocol Classes?

There are five available Classes currently known. These depend on the player’s equipped weapon and are:

  • Blade Warden
  • Twin Striker
  • Keen Strider
  • Spell Weaver
  • Foe Breaker

Blade Warden is a master of Sword and Shield and sounds like your typical Tank in every Fantasy game! A Class dedicated to Defense, perfect for players that enjoy protecting their groups.

Twin Striker is wielding Dual Axes and seems to be a pure offensive Class. Obviously the Class to go for Damage Dealers in Blue Protocol.

Keen Strider is the Archer of the game! Specialized in long range attacks, the Keen Strider will be a great support for every group in Blue Protocol.

You cannot have a Fantasy MMO without a Mage! And that is exactly what the Spell Weaver is! A Glass Cannon, hard-hitting Class that relies on group support to remain alive, while casting its powerful spells!

Foe Breaker finally is a weird but interesting Class. It wields a heavyweight hammer and seems to support a Brawler type of Gameplay!

Blue Protocol promises an action-packed combat with simple controls and increased customization. Each Class can use up to four skills at a time, which they can also upgrade with skill points. Various combinations of skills, upgrades and modifiers will allow you to create your own play style!

blue protocol classes

What is Blue Protocol?

Blue Protocol is a Free-to-Play Action MMORPG by Bandai Namco Studios. The game promises action-packed combat with a high level of customization for almost every aspect. From weapons and skills you can use to the mounts and cosmetics you can wear! Blue Protocol also promises flexibility when deciding how to play! You can dive into every Dungeon Solo or choose to play with other players for a greater challenge! Blue Protocol Monetization will be a mix of f2p, Gacha and Season Pass.

The game has just announced its Global Release in 2023, during The Games Award 2022! The Global release is scheduled for the second half of 2023 with a Closed Beta planned for the first half of the year! You can sign up for the Blue Protocol Closed Beta by following this link!

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