Hilichurl Camp Luxurious Chest

The Seirai island of Inazuma has several secrets and treasures waiting for you to uncover them! One of those secrets is a Luxurious Chest, hidden in a Hilichurl Camp, on the Southeastern Island of Seirai.

The camp has several Hilichurls around and a simple puzzle you have to solve in order to get the Luxurious chest. In order to get its juicy loot, you will have to fight your way through the area!

hilichurl camp luxurious chest

Puzzle & Fight

The spawn area for the Chest is located on a water platform, with three locked Electro Pillars around it. In order to get the chest, you need first to unlock the three pillars.

To achieve this you have to defeat three groups of Hilichurls in the area and loot the chests that will spawn. You can see the location of the three groups on the map above. Every time you defeat a group, a pillar will unlock.

Once all pillars are unlocked, light them up with an Electro skill/attack and a Thunderhelm Lawachurl will spawn. Defeat it to spawn the Luxurious chest and loot it for its rewards!

hilichurl camp luxurious chest

Additional Rewards

Inside the main building of the camp there is also another chest you can loot. Defeat the waves of enemies that spawn to unlock and loot it.