vishaps and where to find them

Vishaps and Where to Find Them Event

Vishaps and Where to Find Them is another event of the 1.3 version. During the event players can accept Expeditions and complete them to get Primogems. The Event starts on March 5th and continues until March 12th. Rewards can be collected until March 15th.

To participate in the event you must have reached Adventure Rank 20 and complete Liyue Katheryne’s quest “Vishaps and Where to Find Them”.

Event Details & Rewards

While the event is live, Liyue’s Katheryne will post expeditions every day. Players can choose up to four expeditions every day from a total number of eight expeditions available. The expeditions will have a different difficulty level.

There will be five B-Rank commissions, two A-Rank commissions and one S-Rank commission that will refresh every day. By completing expeditions you can earn Primogems but depending on the characters dispatched you can also get additional rewards, like Mora, Upgrading Materials and more.

vishaps and where to find them

The difficulty of the expedition determines the time it takes to complete it but also what kind of rewards you can get. Every expedition requires characters with a specific element to complete them successfully. The more characters you assign, the better your chances. Also the level of the assigned characters matters as well. Higher level characters, increase your chances for success.

For each expedition, players can also enlist a character of a friend as support. These characters will increase the chance to obtain additional rewards. You cannot send a character on a normal expedition and a “Vishaps and Where to Find Them” expedition.

During the event the “On the Hunt challenges” will also become available. These are special Bounties-like challenges, that will send you to hunt Geovishaps. Once the challenge is available, you can click on the map icon to get to the special Hunt page. This will put a marker on the map, with the location of your prey. Solving a puzzle in the designated area will reveal the Geovishap. Defeat it to receive its rewards.

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