tsurumi stone slates
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Tsurumi Stone Slates

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Scattered around Tsurumi Island, there are seven Stone Slates you can find that unlock an achievement and reward you with Luxurious Chests. The Stone Slates are not part of a World Quest in the area but require you to advance the main Quest Series of the island to find them.

Finding and placing all seven stones, unlocks the “Seven Letters” Achievement and spawns two Luxurious Chests for you to loot!


To be able to start finding the Stone Slates you must complete the “A Particularly Particular Author” World Quest and start its second part “Octave of the Maushiro” Quest.

While doing this second part quest the “Peculiar Pinion” gadget will activate and allow you to interact with the Thunderbird statues around the area. This is necessary to reveal puzzles and collect the Stone Slates.

However in order to get the “Peculiar Pinion” in your possession, you will have to finish the “Seirai Stormchacers” World Quest in Seirai Island first! So there are a few requirements you must meet before you can start looking for the Slates!

tsurumi stone slates

Stone Slates Location

The Stone Slates can be found at the locations shown in the map above. Use the “Peculiar Pinion” on the Thunderbird in the area to reveal a puzzle. Use it again to other statues nearby to get clues of how to solve the puzzles.

All puzzles for this challenge are similar to the puzzles of the “Octave of the Maushiro” Quest.

Wakukau Shoal

South of the Ceremonial Site you will find a Thunderbird with five stones nearby. Interact with the statue to reveal symbols on the stones. To solve this puzzle and get the first Stone Slate you must activate the stones in the right order. Right below this area, on a cliff, you can find a second statue. Interact with it to reveal the right order.

Activate the stones and get the Stone Slate from the chest that will spawn.

Chirai Shrine

The second puzzle is located in Chirai Shrine. Interact with the statue to reveal the symbols, then interact with the second statue nearby to reveal a mechanicm. Activate the mechanism and the right order of the symbols will appear on the floor in front of you.

Activate the stones to get the stone slate.

North of Shirikoro Peak

For the third stone go North of Shirikoro Peak. This puzzle is slightly different. Interact with the statue to reveal the symbols and move the stones around until each stone is in front of its symbol on the ground.

tsurumi stone slates

South of Autake Plains

The next puzzle is located on a small island, South of Autake Plains and is similar to the previous one. The layout of the stones and how you can move them around is only different.

Match the stones to the symbols on the ground and get the Stone Slate.

tsurumi stone slates

Inside Mt. Kanna

You can find the next puzzle underground inside Mt. Kanna. The statue you need to interact with is hidden at the back of the cavern. Interact with it and three seelie will spawn. Follow them to find the missing stones.

Return all three missing stones to the statue and the seelie will reveal the right order. Activate the stones and get the slate.

Shirikoro Peak ground

The next puzzle can be found at the bottom of Shirikoro Peak. To reach this area though, you will have to drain the water first, during the “A Particularly Particular Author” World Quest.

Interact with the statue to reveal the symbols. After that interact with the rest of the statues clock wise, starting with the statue next to the stone tablet, to reveal the right order.

Southwest of Chirai Shrine

The last puzzle is located Southwest of Chirai Shrine. Interact with the statue, then interact with the other statues leading to the area to reveal the right order.

Loot the chest and get the final Stone Slate.

Complete Puzzle

To complete the puzzle you need to visit the secret underground area in Shirikoro Peak you have already discovered during the “A Particularly Particular Author” World Quest. Go to the final room of this area and place the slates to the seven structures around.

This will spawn two Luxurious Chests and unlock the “Seven Letters” Achievement!