tsurumi island ghosts
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Tsurumi Islands Ghosts

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The Ghosts of Tsurumi Island are part of a hidden quest that begins when you finish the main World Quest Series of the Island, “Through the Mists“. Finding the Ghosts and completing their requests will reward you with Primogems and other items. It will also unlock three achievements, the “White”s Illusion“, “Light up the Fog” and the “Lovely Sights, Further Than the Eye Can See“.

White”s Illusion” will unlock the first time you find and talk to one of the ghosts. “Light up the Fog” will unlock once you complete Chise’s request. The “Lovely Sights, Further Than the Eye Can See” achievement will unlock when you complete the request of the final ghost, which is going to be the Boatman.

Ghosts Location

To make the Ghosts appear, you first need to finish the fourth and final part of the “Through the Mists” World Quest in Tsurumi Island, “The Sun-Wheel and Mt. Kanna“. Only then you will start seeing the ghosts around the area and you can talk to them. There will be no indication of a quest, the ghosts will just appear.

tsurumi island ghosts
Ghosts Location

In total there are ten ghosts with requests in the Island. These are:

  1. Shitoki
  2. Ipe
  3. Abe
  4. Rero
  5. Una
  6. Nonno
  7. Chise
  8. Kito & Kina
  9. Boatman

The ghosts appear in various locations over the map and make a request from you when you talk to them.


Shitoki appears by interacting with one of the conches around the island. When you talk to him he will ask you to find a treasure map. There are four fragments of that map you can find by interacting with conches(C on the map). When you find all four of them, visit Shitoki near the Statue of the seven to get the full map.

Go to the marked spot(P on the map), which is inside Mt. Kanna and dig in front of the tree when you get the command. This will complete his request and will spawn a chest with rewards for you.


Ipe will appear when you successfully catch a fish from the fishing spot near the Chirai Shrine Teleport Waypoint. He will ask you to fish a charm he lost. Go to the biggest small island(the island with the hilichurl camp) West of Autake Plains and use the Peculiar Pinion on the thunderbird there. This will reveal a new fishing spot. Fish until you get the charm.

Once you get it, return to Ipe for your reward.

tsurumi island ghosts


Abe can be found inside the underground area of Shirikoro Peak(A Particularly Particular Author Quest). Go through the second door and harvest all Fluorescent Fungi near the wall. Abe will appear then. He will talk to you and disappear.

Return back to the spot after two days(enough time for the Fungi to appear again). Harvest them and Abe will re appear. Give him 3 Mushrooms and 3 Philameno Mushrooms. That will be enough to complete his request.


Rero will ask you to check his wife’s grave in Chirai Shrine. Go there, dig the grave and defeat the Lawachurl that will appear to complete his request.


Una is near the Moshiri Ceremonial Site Teleport Waypoint. She will ask you to listen to her story. To complete her request you will have to talk to her four more times, after the server reset(four more days that is!). To complete it though you must have completed Kito & Kina’s request as well.

Everytime you talk to her she will give you Sakura Blooms. When you talk to her for the last time, give her the Kito’s Sachet you have already obtained from Kito & Kina.


Nonno can be found hiding in the Chirai Shrine area, close to Rero Wife’s grave. He is playing hide and seek! Every time you find him, he moves in a new area around Chirai shrine but he is always near. Search around for him four more times to complete his request.


Chise is South of the Teleport Waypoint in Autake Plains. Follow the road to find this ghost. To complete her request, you must light up all Thunderstorm Stones in Autake Plains. When you have completed the task, talk to Chise again. A chest will spawn and the “Light up the Fog” achievement will unlock.

A few are hidden and you will have to use the Peculiar Pinion on Thunderbirds to reveal them.

Kito & Kina

Kito & Kina are always together. You can find them for the first time on a small island West of Autake Plains. Give them Sakura Blooms and they will move onto another location. They will move four times in total and always give you a hint in their dialogue of their new location. Visit each location(A-B-C-D-E on the map in that order) and give them Sakura Blooms every time.

The last time you will give them Sakura Blooms they will give you Kito’s Sachet as well. Use it to complete Una’s request.


The Boatman is the final Ghost with a Request to complete. You can find him outside of Shirikoro Peak to the East. You have to complete all other Ghosts’ requests first to fulfill the Boatman’s request as well.

This is because he needs to gather all other ghosts and guide them to the other life! He will give you hints regarding ghosts with unfinished requests.

When all requests are complete, talk to him and complete his request as well. A chest will spawn this time but you will also unlock the “Lovely Sights, Further Than the Eye Can See” Achievement.