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Theater Mechanicus Event: Stage of Wonders

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The Theater Mechanicus Event returns to Genshin Impact, to celebrate the release of the new area, Inazuma. One of the funniest events of the game, Theater Mechanicus was first introduced during the Lantern Rite Event, in the area of Liyue.

Now it is available in Inazuma and offers a few different features. The Event begins on August 12th and will continue until August 26th. The event shop’s will be available until August 30th.

To participate, players must be Adventure Rank 30 or above and complete the Archon Quest “Ritou Escape Plan“. To start playing, find the NPC Komakata, in Inazuma city.

Gameplay Details

Theater Mechanicus is basicaly a Tower Defense Strategy mini-game. The goal of this mini-game is to defeat waves of monsters that are passing through, with the help of mechanici. Players can setup defenses at predetermined positions during the construction phase. During this phase you can see the routes monsters will follow and plan your strategy accordingly. Constructing Mechanici costs Veneficus Points, which you get at the beginning of the stage.

There is a time limit when placing defenses but you can start the challenge early if you are ready. Players cannot attack monsters but can apply elemental effects to them. Monsters cannot attack players either.

One new addition in the Event is the Wondrous Sticks. You can spend Veneficus Points to draw one of the available Wondrous Sticks, in order to get various buffs.

Eliminate enemies and maintain the Terminus Integrity above 0 to complete the stage successfully.

The event in total has ten Stages. Four stages will become available on the first day, two more will become available every day after, for the next three days. The mini-game is available for solo and co-op gameplay. But in co-op only two players can participate.

Positioning and combining your mechanici properly is necessary to claim victory! Wondrous Sticks will help as well with their buffs. You can draw three Wondrous Sticks for free per stage. After that you will have to spend Veneficus Points.

There are four types of Wondrous Sticks:

  • Fortune Sticks, that provide various enhancements to mechanici and have three rarities.
  • Mystic Sticks, that grant the player with special buffs and have three rarities.
  • Courage Sticks, that buff enemies but defeating them will reward more Veneficus Points.
  • Ominous Sticks, that affect Wondrous Sticks and can have unknown side effects.

Completing challenges, earns you Mechanicus Mastery EXP, which increases your Mechanicus Mastery Level. Higher Mastery will give more Veneficus Points and will allow you to unlock more Mechanici and Wondrous Sticks.

On the first day of the event, the maximum Mechanicus Mastery EXP that can be obtained is 3,000. The next 3 days, the limit will gradually be unlocked and increase. During the event, a total of 8,000 Mechanicus Mastery EXP can be obtained.

Event Rewards

Completing Event missions, earns you Wondrous Talismans and the Event Exclusive Namecard: “Celebration: Wondrous Calculation“. You can exchange the Talismans in the event shop for Primogems, Mora and Upgrading Materials.