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The Three Great Martial Trials Quest

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The Three Great Martial Trials is a World Quest in Enkanomiya, Inazuma. The Quest’s goal is to complete three trials around Enkanomiya and earn various rewards, such as Primogems, Mora and Upgrading Materials. By completing the Trials you can also unlock a few Achievements!

Before you can accept the quest however, you must first advance the main story line of Enkanomiya and reach Dainichi Mikoshi, at the center of the map. To enter Enkanomiya you must first complete the “The Moon-Bathed Deep” Quest in Watatsumi Island and accept the “The Still Water’s Flow” Quest from Tsuyuko.

Reaching Dainichi Mikoshi and unlocking the ability to manually change the day/night cycle is vital for this quest but also many more in the area. Switching to Evernight(Night) will reveal the Shades of Tokoyo, which are basically ghosts that offer you quests.

One of those ghosts is Eboshi, the Ghost that offers you “The Three Great Martial Trials” Quest!

Start Quest

Switch Enkanomiya to Evernight and head to the Western part of the “The Serpent’s Heart” area. Eboshi is waiting East of the Teleport Waypoint.

Talk to him to start the Quest. Eboshi will reveal three new areas on the map, one on each corner, which is where the trials will take place. To reach the three new areas, go to the designated point and use the Ghostfish mechanism to reach the portal. Entering the Portal will transfer you to the Trial area.


The three trials you have to complete are:

  • Yachimatahime’s Trial
  • Yachimatahiko’s Trial
  • Kunado’s Trial

In all three you have to release four Flames of the High Gate by touching them. Switching between Evernight and Whitenight will help you complete the Trials. Evernight is mostly required to complete all Trials with Whitenight only being necessary briefly.

Yachimatahime’s Trial

The first Trial is taking place on the upper right area of the map. Talk to Eki and proceed to release the flames. Stay in Evernight for this Trial. All of the flames are easy to reach except one. To reach the fourth one climb to the highest Tower at the end of the map and glide towards it.

Once you touch all flames, talk to Eki again to complete the Trial. Completing the Trial will unlock the “The Eel in Winter Sought” Achievement.

Yachimatahiko’s Trial

For the next Trial go to the Upper Left area on the map and talk to Uda. Proceed to the Flames’ location and switch to Whitenight from the mechanism above the stairs. Get down and use the Triangular mechanism to open the first door. Touch the first Flame nearby.

Switch to Evernight and hit the two mechanisms that will appear, to move the walls. Get inside the two rooms and touch the flames. Now switch again to Whitenight and climb at the top of the tower. Jump on the Shield Lights to reach the fourth flame and release it.

Talk to Uda again to complete the trial. Completing the Trial will unlock the “Extensive and Meticulous” Achievement.

the three great martial trials

Kunado’s Trial

For the Third Trial you will port to the bottom right part of the map. Stay in Evernight for this one. Talk to Daimon and proceed to the Flames’ location. There are four statues with the flames in the area, sealed with blue light. Light up the four fire torches in front of them and defeat the enemies that will spawn to release the seals.

the three great martial trials

Four waves of enemies will spawn. Rifthounds, Abyss Mages, Vishaps and an Abyss Hydro Lector, in that order. Defeat them, climb to the statues and release the flames. Talk to Daimon to complete the Trial. Completing the Trial will unlock the “Unmatched Throughout Tokoyo” Achievement.

Complete Quest

Return to Eboshi and talk to him to complete the Quest. You will earn forty(40) Primogems, Mora and Upgrading Materials!

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