the sun-wheel and mt. kanna
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The Sun-Wheel and Mt. Kanna

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The Sun-Wheel and Mt. Kanna is the fourth Part of the “Through the Mists” World Quest in Tsurumi Island, Inazuma. The quest will send you back to Tsurumi Island to assist Ruu and uncover the island’s mysterious past.

For this part you will have to hunt down a few feathers in order to solve the mystery. Completing this quest also unlocks two achievements, the “Across the Misty River” and the “Thunder is Forever“.

Begin Quest

The Quest unlocks automatically the next day after you complete the “The Sea of Fog and the Rite of Trees” Third Part of this Quest Series. Visit the island for one more time and talk to Kama. Kama will explain the situation of the island and ask you to find Ruu.

You will have to visit Ruu’s favorite places again this time to search for him, Wakukau Shoal, Oina Beach and Autake Plains. The quest will guide you to the appropriate locations.

the sun-wheel and mt. kanna

Collect Feathers

When you reach the first location, Wakukau Shoal, talk to Kama and use the “Peculiar Pinion” gadget. A few enemies will spawn that you have to defeat. Once all enemies are dealt with a Feather will appear. Touch it to witness the memories of the Thunderbird.

Repeat this process in the second location, Oina Beach and head to the last location Autake Plains. Defeat the opponents that will appear and talk to Ruu afterwards. Use the Pinion again and witness a Ruu Illusion having a conversation with the Thunderbird. Touch the new feather and head inside Mt. Kanna in the middle of the island with Kama and Ruu.

A Thunder Manifestation Boss enemy will appear. Defeat it to progress the story. Touch the new feather and consult with Kama. Talk to Ruu again and convince him to come with you to Seirai Island.

After Ruu’s song, return to Mt. Kanna and talk to him again. Completing this dialogue will unlock the “Across the Misty River” Achievement. Report back to Sumida and after a lengthy dialogue with her and Kama the quest ends. This also unlocks another achievement, the “Thunder is Forever“.

Completing this Quest will also unlock the Tsurumi Island Ghosts hidden Quest! Find the ten Ghosts around the island and complete their request to get rewards and unlock two achievements.

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