the saga of mr. forgetful
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The Saga of Mr. Forgetful

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The Saga of Mr. Forgetful is a World Quest in Tsurumi Island, Inazuma. The goal of the quest is to find six murals in a specific location and take a picture of them with the Kamera Gadget.

To start the quest you must first have advanced the main Quest of the island “Through the Mists” to its third part, “The Sea of Fog and the Rite of Trees“. Completing the Quest will unlock the “My Life as an Adventurer” Achievement and reward you with a couple Furnishing Blueprints.

Start & Quest Location

When you visit Tsurumi Island for the third part of “Through the Mists” World Quest, Roald will be waiting for you close to the Statue of the Seven. After a short dialogue he will ask you to take a picture with your special gadget the six murals in a specific location of the island.

This location is in the underground area you have already uncovered during the “A Particularly Particular Author” World Quest and its entrance is at the bottom of the Shirikoro Peak. You can only enter the area after you have drained the water during this quest.

You can find all six Murals inside there. Three Murals are in the same room and one is hidden in a secret area. Using the “Peculiar Pinion” on walls with the Thunderbird engraved to them will reveal that area but also other secrets.

You can start using the “Peculiar Pinion” to uncover secrets in Tsurumi Island during the “Octave of the Maushiro” World Quest, which is the second part of the “Through the Mists” Main Quest of the island.

Murals Location

Five of the Murals can be found behind the two locked doors in the area. The first three Murals can be found in the room behind the Seelie puzzle and the mechanism to drain the water.

Stand on the light and use your camera on each of the three walls to take a picture.

The next mural is on a wall on the other side of the room. Behind the ruin in the middle.

the saga of mr. forgetful

The fifth Mural is behind the second locked door, right next to the flooded stairs and the Thunderbird statue.

Finally the sixth mural is inside one of the few secret areas of Shirikoro Peak, before the first Locked Door. Head to the western part of this area with the Relay Stones and go down the stairs. Equip the Peculiar Pinion and use it on the wall with the Thunderbird engraved on it.

Continue inside until you find the light. Equip the Kamera gadget again, look up and take the picture. There are two more puzzles in this secret area.

Once you have all six murals pictures, return to Roald to finish the quest. This will also unlock the “My Life as an Adventurer” Achievement and reward you with the “Replica Mural: Lone Peak in a Sea of Fog” and “Replica Mural: Ancient Ritual in a Sea of Fog” Furnishing Blueprints.

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