the heavenly stones' debris quest
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The Heavenly Stone’s Debris Quest

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The Heavenly Stone’s Debris is a World Quest in Genshin Impact that takes place in The Chasm area. This is the third part of the “The Chasm Delvers” World Quest Series.

After you complete the Chasm Spelunkers, you can accept the quest by talking to Jinwu nearby. Another easy quest that will guide you deeper inside the mines.

Keys & Cannon

Your first task is to find the two keys, necessary to unlock the storehouse door. Go to the designated areas and search for the keys. Defeat any enemy that is nearby. Once you have both, head back to the storehouse and unlock the door.

Defeat the enemies that will spawn, grab the cannonballs and return to the camp. Clitopho will teach you how to craft Special Unmoving Essential Oil. Craft three of those(you will need 2x Cor Lapis and 2x Frog for each) in the bench next to him and give them to him.

Now move onto the next area and read the Signaling Guide. This guide will tell you the right frequency for each one of the three Cannon mechanisms.

the heavenly stones' debris quest

There are only two frequency options, High and Low. Set the Higher and Middle mechanisms to Low frequency and the Lower mechanism that is deeper in the cavern, to High Frequency.

Once you are done, go to the cannon, adjust it properly and shoot to reveal a new passage.

the heavenly stones' debris quest


Follow the path until you find a Teleport Waypoint and a floating Orb. Use the Lumenstone Adjuvant to recharge and activate the three mechanisms in the area.

Once all three are recharged an Abyss Lector and an Abyss Mage will appear. Defeat them and talk to Zhiqiong to complete the Quest. You will then receive automatically the fourth part of the series “Perils in the Dark“.

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