the farmer's treasure quest
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The Farmer’s Treasure Quest

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The Farmer’s Treasure is a World Quest in the island of Narukami, Inazuma. An exploration based quest that you will have to trigger by finding Saimon Jirou first! The main reward of the quest is the Forging Blueprint, for one of the new Weapons in Genshin Impact 2.0, the Amenoma Kageuchi Sword.

In order to complete the quest, you will have to visit locations and solve puzzles for another World Quest as well, the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual. The goal of this The Farmer’s Treasure Guide is to help you find all the necessary items to complete the quest.

Saimon Jirou Location

To begin the quest you must first find where Saimon Jirou is! Jirou can be found on the Jinren island, at the Northern part of the map, inside a cage. When you find Jirou, he will ask you to free him, by using the key on the nearby tree. When you release him, he will ask you to find four Old Stone Slates and return them to him so you can share the treasure he was after!

Stone Slates Location

The four Stone Slates are hidden around the island of Narukami and this is where you can find them.

First Stone Slate – Konda Village Well

The first Stone Slate is hidden inside the locked well in Konda Village. This area is part of the “Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual” quest. After you have purified the Shrine inside the well, use electrogranum and climb the wall protected with a barrier.

You will find the first Stone Slate in the boxes.

Second Stone Slate – North East of Kamisato Estate

The second Stone Slate is located in the tent of an enemy camp. The camp is North East of Kamisato Estate, next to the Waverider waypoint.

the farmer's treasure quest

Third & Fourth Stone Slate – Araumi

The other two Stone Slates are located in the Araumi area, underground. Another area with puzzles necessary for the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual Quest.

In order to get these two slates but also enter the area, you will need the Memento Lens. You can obtain this while doing the Sacrificial Offering Quest, part of the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual World Quest.

Once you gain access to the underground area and purify the Shrine, go to the left room and solve the Cube puzzle. Hit the bottom left cube once, the upper right twice and the bottom left cube one more time to solve it.

This will drain the water and reveal a passage in the area. Jump down and swim until you find stairs. On the top of the stairs there is a pile of dirt and this is where you can find the third slate.

Another Cube puzzle is in the same room. Hit the middle cube twice to solve it. This will further drain the water and reveal another door outside. Get into the door and follow the path to the Teleport Waypoint.

The fourth Stone Slate is in a broken vase, near a sunk ship.

Return to Jirou

Return to Jirou with all four Old Stone Slates to complete the quest. He will try to fool you by sending you to search for a fifth Slate! Search, find nothing and go back again. Jirou is imprisoned again and you will have to fight to end the quest.

Defeat four waves of enemies and their mini boss leader to release Jirou. Get the Treasury key and open the door. Use the Stone Slates on the floor, walk on the tiles in a circular way(step on each tile once, start from the external tiles) to open the Circular door and loot the room.

After that return to Konda Village and report to Saimon Katsumi. He will then reward you with the Amenoma Kageuchi Sword Forging Blueprint!