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Tatara Tales Quest

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Tatara Tales is a World Quest found on the Kannazuka area of Inazuma. A quite simple and straightforward quest that will guide you along the way. The biggest difficulty of Tatara Tales, is that it is divided in several time-gated parts!

When you complete a part of the quest, you will have to wait a day to unlock and receive the next. Tatara Tales is also an important quest for exploring Inazuma, since you will have to progress it, to unlock the entire area of Tatarasuma.

In Tatarasuma you can find several puzzles, electroculi and other important items. By unlocking the area you can also unlock the Shakkei Pavilion Domain but also find the Katsuragikiri Nagamasa Claymore Forging Blueprint.

In total there are eight parts in Tatara Tales, which means that it will take you around seven days to complete the quest. These parts are:

  • Tatara Tales
  • Tatara Tales: Priority Investigation
  • Tatara Tales: Purification Device
  • Tatara Tales: Data Collection
  • Tatara Tales: Process is Everything
  • Tatara Tales: Functional Test
  • Tatara Tales: Final Preparation
  • Tatara Tales: The Last Act

In general this is an easy quest with long dialogues that will mostly send you to check places and defeat enemies.

tatara tales quest

Tatara Tales

To unlock and begin the quest series, visit Kujou Enchampent and talk to the Shogunate officer Toranosuke and the Shrine Maiden Miyuki, next to the Teleport Point. After a brief explanation of the situation, they will ask you to find Xavier. You can find this NPC, on the Western part of the area, close to another Teleport Point.

Xavier will send you in three different locations to investigate the Rifts blocking Tatarasuma. After you report to him, he will ask you to use the three Kamuijima Cannons in the area, to destroy the rifts.

To use the Cannons, you have first to activate them with Electrogranum, found nearby. Adjust their position and fire to destroy the rifts. You can use the Southernmost Cannon to also unlock the Shakkei Pavilion Domain.

tatara tales quest

Now that the rifts are down, you can freely explore the Tatarasuma area. Report to Xavier and fight the enemies that will appear. Your next task is to get closer to the Mikage Furnace(on the top of the area) and take a picture. Do this and report back to Xavier to complete this part of the quest.

Now that the area is open, you can look around for the three “Key to Some Place” items. These are necessary to open the Arsenal Gate, at the bottom of the area, close to water and get the Katsuragikiri Nagamasa Claymore Forging Blueprint.

Tatara Tales: Priority Investigation

For the next part, Xavier wants you to visit the three highlighted areas and place some beacons. The beacons will gather data for the situation inside Tatarasuma and assist in the next parts of the quest. Report back to Xavier after placing them and wait one more day for the next part.

Tatara Tales: Purification Device

Xavier will now ask you to retrieve three(3) Crystal Marrows. A quite common crystal found in the islands of Inazuma. By this point you should have a few with you. Even you haven’t gathered any while exploring, you can still find enough nearby to complete the quest. Give them to Xavier and wait one more day for the next part.

Tatara Tales: Data Collection

It is time to go back and retrieve the beacons! Collect them and return to Xavier to complete this part of the quest.

Tatara Tales: Process is Everything

For this part you need to visit two specific locations in the area and take a picture. Go to the designated points and adjust the camera until you get the “Camera has been adjusted to the correct angle” message.

Take the pictures and return to Xavier.

Tatara Tales: Functional Test

Xavier will request three(3) Onikabuto! These insects can be found around the entire area of Inazuma, especially closer to higher concentrations of the Electro element. Give them to Xavier to complete the quest.

Tatara Tales: Final Preparation

Getting closer to the end of the quest. Your task now is to repair the path, so the Purification Device can reach the target. To achieve this, collect first a few planks nearby. Now visit the designated points in the area and repair the path with the planks. Report back to Xavier and wait one day for the final part of Tatara Tales.

Tatara Tales: The Last Act

For the final part of the quest, Xavier will ask you to get closer to the Mikage Furnace. Go to the designated spot and talk to Xavier again. A few components are still missing so you will have to fetch them!

Find all three(3) missing components and fight any enemy in the area. Return to Xavier, give him the components and go deeper in the area to test the device, as per his instructions. Defend the device from attacking Fatui.

Now all you have to do is go to the bottom of the Mikage Furnace and activate the Purification Device. Six Fatui will attack. Defend the device and kill all enemies to complete the quest.

Head to the top of the Mikage Furnace to talk with Xavier one more time. After that you can report back to Toranosuke at the Kujou Enchampent. That is all! As a final reward for completing the entire series you will also get a “Square Yumemiru Stool” Furnishing Blueprint.

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