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Star-Shaped Gem Puzzle

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The Star-Shaped Gems are hidden items you can find while exploring the Underground area of Shirikoro Peak in Tsurumi Island. The Gems are part of a puzzle that will reward you with a Luxurious Chest.

To enter this area you will have to drain the water first in Shirikoro Peak during the “A Particularly Particular Author” World Quest. Additionally, to find the gems, you will also need the “Peculiar Pinion” Gadget active. The gadget will activate during the “Octave of the Maushiro” World Quest.

So when that happens you can head into the underground area of Shirikoro Peak and search for the Gems. There are three Gems in total and all of them are inside a chest in the area’s hidden rooms.

Find the Gems

Use the Pinion on every Wall with the Thunderbird engraved to reveal hidden areas.

There are three walls like that in the first room of the area with the relay stones. Use the Pinion and the walls will disappear, revealing a few enemies and a new area.

The first two gems are inside a small room. The third gem is in the same room with one of the murals required for the “The Saga of Mr. Forgetful” World Quest. Loot all gems and pass through the first not-so locked door now!

Go into the room with the three murals right behind the seelie puzzle and mechanism. Use the Gems on each one of the three murals.

When you use all three, they will release Electro Seelie. To complete the puzzle you have to find them around Tsurumi Island.

Seelie Location

The three Seelie will go to the locations depicted on the murals inside the room. The Murals are showing the three Mountaints of Tsurumi Island, Shirikoro Peak, Mt. Kanna and the Mountain South of Chirai Shrine, close to the Statue of the Seven.

If you visit those locations and search around the Mountains, you will find the Seelie.

Follow each Seelie around until you reach their destination. All three of them will guide you to the same location, South of the teleport waypoint of Chirai Shrine.

star-shaped gem

Once all three reach the area, a Luxurious Chest will spawn! You can now loot it and continue exploring the Island!

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