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Solitary Sea-Beast Guide

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Solitary Sea-Beast is a World quest in the island of Watatsumi, Inazuma. A relatively short quest with two separate tasks to complete. The tasks are easy to fulfill and include fighting enemies, solving a puzzle and fetching a few items.

When you complete the quest you will also unlock the “A Mermaid’s Tale” achievement.

Start Quest & First Part

In order to begin the Quest, you must first find Kumi the NPC Quest giver. You can find her at the Western part of Watatsumi Island, South of the Mouun Shrine.

Kumi is located next to a sea creature’s carcass, mourning her long lost friend. After a short talk with her, she will ask you to bring her three Thunder Sakura Flowers. You can find those easily on Narukami Island in the Inazuma area.

Return to Kumi and give her the Flowers to complete the first part of the quest.

solitary sea beast quest

Second Part & Puzzle

For the second part of the Quest, Kumi will ask you to check if Anisa, a researcher from Sumeru, is safe. The quest will guide you to Anisa’s location, on a Hilichurl camp nearby! Defeat the enemies to save her.

Anisa then will ask you to solve the puzzle in the area. In order to achieve this you will have to unlock the statue nearby. To unlock it, light up the hydro and the two Electro pillars in the area.

One of the Electro pillars is behind a barrier, so get first the electrogranum nearby(behind the camp to the east) and activate that as well. Now you are ready to complete the puzzle.

Once you step on the visible tile, more tiles will appear. The goal is to step on all tiles once. But there is a tile missing at first. Start stepping on the tiles and when you reach the statue activate it to reveal one more tile. After that you can complete the puzzle easily.

Loot the Exquisite Chest and return to Kumi with Anisa to complete the quest. After a short dialogue between the two, the quest is complete and the “A Mermaid’s Tale” achievement, unlocked.

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