shadows amidst snowstorms event

Shadows Amidst Snowstorms Event

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Shadows Amidst Snowstorms is the main event of Genshin Impact 2.3 version! The event is taking us back to Dragonspine area and let us join Albedo in a brand new adventure.

The goal of the event is to collect snowman parts and build a puffy snowman while investigating the area of Dragonspine. Players can earn the usual rewards, Primogems, Mora, Upgrading materials by completing certain tasks. During this event it is also possible to earn a new event-unique, 4-Star Sword, the Cinnabar Spindle!

The Sword seems to be a great weapon for Albedo since it boosts DEF and with its skill, Elemental Skill DMG is increased by 40% of DEF. The effect triggers once every 1.5s and is cleared 0.1s after the Elemental Skill deals Damage.

To obtain the Sword you need to create a puffy snowman, which is easy and fast to do. By completing more tasks you can get Snowstrider Emblems and Vanquisher’s Emblems, which you can later use to purchase Alkahest from the Event’s shop. Alkahest is used to refine the Cinnabar Spindle Sword.

shadows amidst snowstorms event

The event begins on November 25th and will run until December 13th. The event’s shop will run until December 20th. To participate, players must be Adventure Rank 20 or above and complete the following quests:

  • The Archon Quest “For a Tomorrow Without Tears
  • Albedo’s Story Quest “Traveler Observation Report
  • Joel’s “Lost in the Snow” Quest

Phases & Challenges

The event is divided in three different phases, Born of the Snow, Dragonspine Special Training and Rise of the Fell Flower.

Born of the Snow

This phase rewards you with various items, like the 4-Star Sword, Mora and snowman parts when you build puffy snowmen. Depending on the number of snowmen built, you unlock the appropriate rewards.

So basically this is not an active phase of the event but more of a rewards collection phase.

shadows amidst snowstorms event

Use the snowman parts you collect from challenges in Dragonspine Special Training to create snowmen and earn the rewards. When the event ends you can keep the snowman parts you have collected and build a snowman inside your Serenitea Pot, Housing Realm!

You can exchange snowman parts with your friends as well!

Dragonspine Special Training

This is the main phase of the event with various challenges to complete. The challenges are divided in three different types of training and will unlock gradually as the event progresses. The training is divided in Agility, Tracker and Combat!

Agility Training

A race track basically where you need to collect Insignias of Adventure and Insignias of Conquest before the time runs out. During the race track you can get Galespring and Ironskin Blessings that can help you jump higher and destroy ice pillars respectively.

Tracker Training

The goal of this training is to find and melt Ice Crystal Piles inside the designated area. There is no time limit, so you can take your time and look around for the objectives.

Having a Pyro character in the group will help with melting the Pillars. When the Pillars melt they give you Snowman parts.

Combat Training

Your typical combat challenge with a twist! Visit the designated area to find Lures that generate Sheer Cold at a higher rate. Around the area you can also find three mechanisms with Scarlet Quartz nearby.

Get the Scarlet Quartz and attack all three mechanisms to make the Lures generate Heat and reduce the accumulation of Sheer Cold.

If the Lure generates Cold, it will buff enemies. If you change it to a Heat source before you begin the challenge, it will buff you instead. So make sure to use the mechanisms first and start the challenge after.

Rise of the Fell Flower Challenge

The third Phase of the event is the Rise of the Fell Flower Challenge, which will unlock once you complete the “Shadows Amidst SnowstormsAct II: The Shadows Deepen Quest.

This is basically a boss fight that you can complete in co-op or single player. Defeating the Fell Flower rewards you with Vanquisher’s Emblems which you can exchange for various rewards in the Event’s Shop.

The Fell flower is protected by a shield that you have to break first before you can kill it. Destroy its Arcane Fruits to damage the shield faster and pick up Arcane Essence to prevent it from regenerating.

When the shield drops, the Fell flower will shrink and you can kill it.

Event Rewards

There are several rewards you can get by participating in the event and completing challenges. The 4-Star Sword Cinnabar Spindle and its refining materials, Alkahest are of course the highlight but there are plenty more you can get from the Event’s Shop.

Primogems from completing various tasks, Mora and Upgrading Materials are going to be especially helpful for leveling up characters and items! You can obtain them by exchanging Snowstrider Emblems and Vanquisher’s Emblems.