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Seiraimaru Puzzle

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Seiraimaru is a special location in Seirai Island, Inazuma with several puzzles to solve and treasure chests to loot. An aground ship basically on the Northwest part of the island with underground and surface puzzles to solve.

The location is split in two areas, the first on the surface and inside the ship and the other underground beneath it. You can start solving puzzles on the surface and eventually move underground or solve every puzzle underground first if you find the two hidden entrances.

Solving all the puzzles in the area will reward you with Primogems, Mora and other items but will also unlock the “Davy Jones’ Locker” Achievement.

seiraimaru puzzle

Surface Puzzles

The first puzzle you need to solve, in order to progress and gain access to the interior of the ship, can be found right below its central mast. A locked Chest surrounded by four mechanisms you have to align correctly to open. Reading the text nearby, will tell you that in order to solve this puzzle you have to turn the mechanics so the Sword like edge is facing a Halberd like edge.

Rotate the mechanisms until you have all the edges facing each other the right way, creating a square like area. This is also the solution to all similar puzzles inside the ship.

A passage to the interior of the ship will open and you can loot the Exquisite Chest. Get inside the ship and start following the seelie. It will first lead you to a common chest nearby, from where you can get a Rust-Worn Key. Continue following the seelie until you reach a locked door. Use the key to open it and proceed.

Inside the room there is a similar puzzle to the one before. Solve it to loot the exquisite chest but to also open the next door. The seelie will return in the main room and descend to the lower floor. The road to the next floor is blocked and to proceed you need to solve the puzzle in this area first.

There are several tiles on the floor with a different symbol each. By stepping on the tiles in the right order you unlock the Exquisite chest but also the path to the next floor. To solve the puzzle, step on the tiles in the order shown in the picture below.

seiraimaru puzzle

Proceed and continue following the seelie. There is another puzzle on this floor as well. You can solve it by stepping on the tiles in the right order as seen in the picture below.

seiraimaru puzzle

Solving the puzzle will open a path to the underground area of Seiraimaru and unlock the Precious Chest. Before you head underground, follow the seelie to the next room. To open the door you need an Intact Key, which you can get from the “hidden” inside the floor common chest in the area.

Inside the new room there is another puzzle with rotating mechanisms that unlocks a Luxurious Chest. Solving all puzzles in Seiraimaru, unlocks the “Davy Jones’ Locker” Achievement. Solve it, loot the chest and continue with the seelie. Go to the top of the ship and loot the common chest it will spawn.

You can now head back and go underground for the rest of the puzzles.

Underground Puzzles

You do not have to follow that specific order. You can head first underground if you wish by finding one of the two hidden entrances around the area. There are a few chests you can loot in here and a main puzzle you can solve in order to unlock a new area.

The goal of the puzzle is to connect the Discharge and Cumulation Stones with the help of Relay Stones as seen in the picture below.

seiraimaru puzzle

Collect the Relay stones found in the area and place them like this to solve the puzzle. Two of the Relay Stones are behind the two Electro Barriers of the area. Use electrogranum to pass through them and get them. The third is hidden behind some rocks. Use the Phase Gate on the ship to reach its location, break the rocks and get it as well.

Once you solve the puzzle a new area will open. Kill the enemies and loot the Luxurious Chest! Follow the Electro Seelie back to the ship to activate the Thunder Sakura Bough, get electrogranum and get out of the cavern!

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