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Seirai Stormchasers Quest

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Seirai Stormchasers is a World Quest on the island of Seirai, Inazuma. This is basically the main quest for the Seirai Island that can also unlock the Thunder Manifestation Boss of the area.

The goal of the quest is to investigate the island and find a way to calm the storm that is raging there. You automatically get the quest when you get near Katheryne in Inazuma City. Like The Moon-Bathed Deep World Quest you can get in Watatsumi island, this one also requires you to complete several parts.

When you complete the quest you unlock the “Seirai Stormchasers” Achievement and get two furnishing blueprints along with a few other rewards.

Calming the storm in the area is also necessary to unlock the “Great Amakumo Peak” achievement with ease.

Start Quest

You can start the quest, the moment you get near Katheryne in Inazuma City. Katheryne will explain to you that they have sent adventurers to Seirai island to investigate the storm but they have not heard from them for a while.

She will then ask you if you wish to go take a look!

seirai stormchasers quest

Part I

By following Katheryne’s directions you can find Eiko, one of the two adventurers, at their camp. Eiko will guide you to the first Warding Stone on the island, where the other adventurer, Taisuke, is waiting. After a short talk, follow the cat’s footprint all the way to Asase Shrine, where you will meet Neko, the talking Cat. Neko has her own World Quest series, called Neko is a Cat, that you can complete after Seirai Stormchasers.

Neko will ask your help to repair the offerings box of the shrine and as a reward will tell you what you have to do to calm the storm. Go to the location on the map and defeat Treasure Hoarders. Get their materials and return to repair the box.

After the box is repaired, Neko will tell you that you need to seal the Warding Stones on the island. In total there are four Warding Stones scattered around the area. Every time you seal one stone, the Storm calms a bit.

To seal each stone, you need first to touch the three Paper Charms around it, then rotate the top and bottom parts of the stone to match the symbols on the Paper Charms.

Sealing the first Warding Stone completes the first part of the quest and unlocks the second.

Part II

Follow the directions and go to the location of the second Warding Stone. Defeat the enemies and touch the paper charms. Two of the charms are right next to the stone but the third one is further away, on top of a floating stone on a small island Northeast from the Warding Stone’s location.

Touch that one and return to the Warding Stone. Rotate the parts and seal it.

Part III

The other two Warding Stones are harder to find. This is because they are both on floating stones high above the ground along with two of the teleport waypoints of the island!

Follow the directions and go to the next area. Find Eiko and Taisuke and talk to them. They will ask you to search the area around for clues. Go ahead and jump through the Phase Gate right behind them to reach the stones above the ground. Once you jump through the gate you will transform into a ball of energy and reach the destination of the gate. If you press anything while transformed you will return into your normal state and interrupt the journey via the gate.

Use the electrogranum you find, to travel from stone to stone and eventually reach the Warding Stones and teleport waypoints. There are several treasure chests and electroculi in this area so make sure to grab them all as you travel. Touch the Paper Charms and seal the Warding Stone to complete this part of the quest.

Part IV

Continue traveling like this higher and higher until you reach the fourth Warding Stone. Touch the Paper Charms and rotate the stone’s parts to seal it. A new platform will appear then, which is the fighting area for the Thunder Manifestation Boss.

Defeat the Boss, then grab electrogranum and head to the next area to loot a Precious and a Luxurious Chest but also get a strange feather called Peculiar Pinion. The Pinion is required to complete the Octave of the Maushiro World Quest in Tsurumi Island. Return to Eiko and Taisuke to complete the quest.

seirai stormchasers quest

Quest Rewards

By completing the Quest you unlock the “Seirai Stormchasers” achievement. You also get Primogems and upgrading materials.

From the two Chests at the end of Part IV, you will also receive two furnishing blueprints, Cleansing Shrine and Headquarters Alarm: Sound of Thunder along with Primogems, Mora, Electro Sigils, Upgrading Materials and other items.

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