seirai precious chest puzzle

Seirai Precious Chest Puzzle

One of the many secrets you can find in Seirai, is a clever but simple puzzle at the North part of the island that will spawn a Precious Chest for you! One of the many new chests you can find in Inazuma, located on a small island right off the coast of Seirai.

What makes this puzzle unique is its intention to trick you with its mechanics!

seirai precious chest puzzle


The puzzle is easy to notice. Two Electro Seelie are moving around four Lightning Strike Probes, causing them to move. In the middle of the area, there is a locked Electro Pillar.

Obviously the goal of the puzzle is to make all four probes to face the pillar and unlock it, so you can light it up. The tricky part of this puzzle is the two seelie. By getting closer to them as they move, you can now attract the probes and try to align them towards the pillar. But that is not going to work since the two seelie move too fast and will mess things up for you.

What you should do instead is get closer to the Electro Pillar. That will wake up the two enemies lurking near it and make them attack you. Kill the enemies and the pillar will unlock. Light it up and the two Seelie will flock to its position. You can now use them to attract the probes’ attention.

Turn every Probe towards the pillar and the Precious chest will spawn!

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