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Sakura Arborism Quest

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Sakura Arborism is a World Quest in the area of Kannazuka, Inazuma. The quest revolves around the Thunder Sakura Trees found in the area and will allow you to restore them.

This quest is not available immediately. To unlock it you have first to complete another World Quest, the Tatara Tales, in the same region. Tatara Tales is a lengthy quest with several parts that are time-gated. It will take around seven days to complete it.

The quest is also related to the Slumbering Monster, sitting idle in the area. By completing the quest you can get the Kannazuka Battle Plan achievement as well.

The goal of this Sakura Arborism Quest Guide is to help you find the location of all Thunder Sakura Trees and complete the Quest successfully.

Unlock the Quest

To unlock the quest, complete first the Tatara Tales World Quest. Then you can visit the Sacred Sakura Tree on top of Mt. Yougou, in the first area of Inazuma, Narukami Island.

There you will find, Miyuki the Shrine Maiden, that will ask you to investigate a Treasure Hoarders’ camp in kannazuka. Visit the designated area and defeat the Treasure Hoarders around the Slumbering Monster. Report back to Miyuki to finish this part of the quest.

Remove Juvenile Antics

For the next part, Miyuki will ask you to find all Thunder Sakura Trees in the region and remove the Treasure Hoarders’ Juvenile Antics from them. This action will restore the Trees and stop them from attacking with Thunders.

You can find the location of all Five trees on the map below.

sakura arborism quest

To be able to approach the trees and remove the Juvenile Antics, you have first to disable their attack. To achieve this activate your Elemental Sight, to find the three sources of power nearby the Trees. Stand to the sources and wait for the Tree to attack the area with Thunder.

Do this for all three power sources to disable the Tree’s attack. After that the Tree will return to its normal state and a chest will appear. Loot the chest and remove the Juvenile Antic from every Tree to complete this part of the quest.

Each tree has three power sources nearby that are easy to find with Elemental Sight.

sakura arborism quest

Fatui & Electro Hypostasis

Report back to Miyuki and investigate the Treasure Hoarders’ camp together. Defeat the attacking Fatui first and then the Slumbering monster, which is basicaly an Awakened Electro Hypostasis enemy.

Defeating the Electro Hypostasis will earn you the Kannazuka Battle Plan achievement. Talk again to Miyuki to complete the Quest!

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