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Sacred Sakura

The Sacred Sakura is a fox resembling Tree in Genshin Impact, found in the zone of Inazuma. The Tree is located in the Narukami Island, on top of Mt. Yougou. The Sacred Sakura tree is a system in Gesnhin Impact that offers various rewards to players and resembles a lot the Frostbearing Tree of the Dragonspine area. To gain access to the tree and its unique system, you must first reach Adventure Rank 30 and complete the “Ritou Escape Plan” quest. This Sacred Sakura Guide will help you unlock and upgrade the Tree. You can find a detailed guide for the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual World Quest here!

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Sacred Sakura Upgrade & Rewards in Genshin Impact

Once you have unlocked the Tree you can easily upgrade it by offering Electro sigils to it. Electro Sigils are easy to find while exploring the area of Inazuma. Every new level of the tree, rewards you with Mora, upgrading materials and other items like resin, Fates and more!

In total there are fifty(50) levels you can gain, each with its own rewards. Gaining levels is good not only for those rewards but also to upgrade your Electrograna!

Electrograna in Genshin Impact

Your electrograna level affects your Electrogranum abilities. This is another special system of inazuma, that allows you to explore the area more efficiently. Electrograna can help you travel faster, pass through energy barriers and withstand environmental hazards. The level of your Electrograna determines your capabilities. It has in total fifteen(15) levels you can unlock, as you level up the Sacred Sakura Tree.

sacred sakura guide

These are the Electrograna levels and what you earn by unlocking them:

Electrograna LevelSacred Sakura level UnlockEffect
11Electrogranum can assist you to pass through Elementary Thunder Barriers, when active character is not affected by Electro can interact with Thunder Spheres and other objects, block 6 instances of environmental DMG. Lasts 15 seconds
23An Electro based character with Elemental Energy under 50% will slowly regenerate Energy
37Electrogranum duration increases to 20 seconds.
410Electro based characters attacks cause Electrogranum to unleash a lightning bolt that deals Electro DMG. Can occur every 6 seconds.
513Can block 8 instances of environmental DMG.
617Can now pass through intermediate Thunder Barriers.
720Cooldown of Electrogranum's attack is decreased to 4 seconds.
823Electrogranum duration increases to 25 seconds.
927Electro based characters in the party increase Electrogranum's attack by 20% each.
1030Every 3 attacks from Electrogranum, cause the next attack to unleash AOE Electro DMG to opponents.
1133Can block 10 instances of environmental DMG.
1237Can now pass through Advanced Thunder Barriers.
1340Every ELectro character in the party increases Electrogranum's lighting blasts DMG by 30%.
1443Electrogranum duration increases to 30 seconds.
1547The number of attacks required to unleash AOE Electro DMG to opponents is decreased to 2.
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