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Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual

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The Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual is a World Quest in the island of Narukami, Inazuma. The Quest revolves around the Sacred Sakura Tree and is basically the unofficial main quest of the island!

In order to complete the Cleansing Ritual successfully, you will have to complete a series of other quests. The goal of this Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual Guide is to help you find all the secret locations and complete their puzzles.

In total there are four quests you have to complete, to perform the Cleansing Ritual. These quests are:

  • A Strange Story in Konda
  • Sacrificial Offering
  • Cleansing Defilement
  • Yougou Cleansing

Completing all four quests will earn you the achievement “Spring Cleaning” but also a Blueprint for the Hakushin Ring Catalyst, one of the new Weapons of Genshin Impact 2.0!

A Strange Story in Konda

The series of quests begins right after you leave the Inazuma starting area, Ritou. A woman wearing a fox mask, will ask you to interact with a statue in front of her. Using an Electro ability to the statue will reveal a Ward. Wards are necessary for the successful completion of the quest, since they are used to purify shrines later.

After that encounter, go to the Konda village and talk with the villagers, until you get an update to your quest. Visit the three highlighted areas, investigate and collect the items.

Use the items to confront the Village Chief and get the Old Key. The key will open the locked Well behind his house. Jump down all the way, interact with the Electro plant in the room to get Electrogranum and pass through the barrier.

Like this you can find the first shrine in this series of quests. The goal is to purify it. To achieve this use the Ward on the little Shrine with the symbol of one above it. Then interact with the other four shrines according to the diagram shown to you.

sacred sakura cleansing ritual

The pattern on the diagram shows you which symbols each shrine must have. Follow the line from the first shrine and assign the symbols accordingly. For example, the starting shrine will always be number 1, the next shrine connected with the first one with the line, is number two. Where the line goes after, is number three etc.

The same symbol can be applied to multiple shrines. Just follow the lines.

Activate the gate and a mini boss will appear. Defeat it to complete the quest. The Woman with the mask will appear and send you to another area.

Before you leave, use electrogranum and climb the wall protected with a barrier. You will find a room with a precious chest with a key for the next quest in there but also one of the Stone Slates required for the “The Farmer’s Treasure” World Quest.

Sacrificial Offering

The woman with the mask, Kazari, asks you to investigate a nearby Abandoned Shrine. There is a big Kitsune statue in the area along with three smaller ones, forming a circle nearby.

Your first task is to talk to the Mysterious Shadows in the area. Talking to them moves them to one of the three statues. Two of them are on the path and easy to find. The third is hidden on the roof of the shrine.

Once all three are moved there, they will disappear and a page will appear.

Take the page and visit the Grand Narukami Shrine. The NPC there will give you a Memento Lens. The Memento Lens is very important for completing the quest. Equip and use it on smaller Kitsune Statues with a blue glow. The Lens will reveal you hidden items and help you progress.

Do this on the three smaller statues in the area to reveal NPC saying the password phrase.

Use the password phrase on the large Kitsune Statue in that order: “In the name of Narukami’s envoy,” “And of the Hakushin bloodline,” “Bring forth the fried tofu”. You can now take the Ward for the next shrine.

sacred sakura cleansing ritual

Its entrance is on a small pond nearby. Use the key you got from the precious chest in the previous quest to open it.

Purify with the Ward, assign the symbols and defeat the mini boss that appears to complete the quest.

Cleansing Defilement

For the third part of the Ritual you will have to find three more shrines and purify them. These are located in Chinju Forest, Araumi and below the tidal flats outside the Kamisato Estate.

Chinju Forest Shrine

Follow the path in the forest and you will come across a Tanuki. This little creature will guide you to the right direction. When the Tanuki disappears, proceed to the area with the talking Tanuki statue. Defeat the enemies and talk to Ioroi.

He will ask you to play with three little Tanuki. They are easy to find in the nearby area. Follow them and attack them when they transform to complete this step. Ioroi then will give you the ward and send you with a Tanuki to the entrance of the shrine.

The Tanuki will reveal it with magic and you can proceed purifying the shrine. Defeat the mini boss and you are good to go.

sacred sakura cleansing ritual


The next Shrine can be found in the Araumi area. The shrine is located underground, so you need to solve the puzzle first. A simple puzzle actually, since all you have to do is activate the four Electro Pillars.

Use the mechanism once unlocked and get into the ruined tower. Use the Memento Lens on the kitsune statue to reveal three switches. Press them and the door will open.

Use the memento lens again to reveal an Electrogranum plant. Use it to enter the barrier and get the ward from the Kitsune statue. Two of the little shrines in here are disguised as statues. Use the lens to reveal them.

Then you can assign the right symbols, fight the mini boss and complete this step as well.

Before you leave the area, you can complete the cube puzzle nearby to gain access to the Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates Domain and a new Teleport point.

Unlocking this area is also important for the “The Farmer’s Treasure” World Quest. Two of the Stone Slates can be found here.

Tidal Flats outside the Kamisato Estate

The entrance for the next Shrine is located on the islands North of the Kamisato Estate. Before you go there though, visit the location on the map below to get the ward. Use the memento lens on the small statue, then an electro ability on the larger one to get it.

Go to the first island and use the memento lens again on the small statue to reveal the entrance.

Use Electrogranum to protect yourself from the environmental damage, purify the shrine and fight the two mini bosses that will appear. You are now ready to start the final step of the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual.

sacred sakura cleansing ritual

Yougou Cleansing

The final quest of the Cleansing Ritual. Meet with Kazari at the base of the mountain and wait to open the area. Drop down to fight the final Boss, the Miasmic Tumor.

This boss fight has three phases. Start by defeating the mini-boss, then activate the shrines like you did in the previous quests. When you do that the Tumor will fall and you can deal damage to it.

When it rises, fight the mini boss that will appear again, interact with the shrines and deal damage to the tumor again. This will repeat for a third time with a duo of mini bosses to fight this time.

Once you defeat the Tumor you will earn the Spring Cleaning achievement. Kazari will disappear after a cutscene but will leave her mask behind. Obtain the mask, which is basically the blueprint for the Hakushin Ring Catalyst.

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