reminiscence of seirai quest
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Reminiscence of Seirai Quest

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Reminiscence of Seirai is a World Quest on the island of Seirai, Inazuma. A relatively easy World Quest that will ask you to take four pictures in specific locations on the island of Seirai. The quest is however hidden and you will have to discover it by exploring the island.

In order to begin, you need to discover a shrine on the North part of Seirai. The shrine has two smaller shrines next to it. Investigating the shrine on its right will give you a Picture Commemorating Seirai Island and begin the quest.

Your next task is to talk to the adventurers about the picture. Find Furuya Noboru in Inazuma City and he will tel you to talk to Oda Tarou nearby.

Oda Tarou will give you four Commemoration Photos from Seirai Island and will ask you to find their location and take a picture. Completing the quest also unlocks the “On the Other Side of Homesickness” achievement.

reminiscence of seirai quest

Four Photos

The goal of the quest is to find the right location and take a photo resembling the Commemoration pictures. You can find the four locations on the map below. When you are in the right location, the game’s Photo mode will inform you.

First Photo

The location of the first photo is right above the Statue of the Seven. You can take the photo from a cliff on the opposite side, close to the Shrine where the quest begun.

reminiscence of seirai quest

Second Photo

The second photo is showing the Asase Shrine in the Island. Stand on a cliff, south of Koseki Village to take the photo.

Third Photo

For the third photo go to the small island, west of the area called Seiraimaru.

reminiscence of seirai quest

Fourth Photo

Finally for the fourth photo go to the lake in the middle of the map and take the picture looking inside. The area might look slightly different, depending on whether or not you have completed the first puzzle required for the Great Amakumo Peak achievement.

Completing this puzzle drains the water from the lake.

reminiscence of seirai

Quest Completion

Once you have all four photos return to Oda Tarou to complete the quest. You will get Primogems, Mora, Upgrading Materials as rewards but you will also unlock the “On the Other Side of Homesickness” achievement.

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