relics of seirai quest
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Relics of Seirai Quest

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Relics of Seirai is a World Quest on the island of Seirai, Inazuma. The quest is basically a treasure hunt in the Koseki Village, found on the Northern part of the Island.

To complete the quest you will have to solve three relatively easy puzzles and fight a few waves of enemies. Upon completion you will also unlock the “It Has to Be Treasure” Achievement.

relics of seirai quest

Start Quest

To begin the quest, visit Koseki Village in Seirai Island. The village is located Northwest of the Statue of the Seven in the area. You will then receive the request to save a person surrounded by monsters. That person is Fujiwara Toshiko, the NPC Quest giver for Relics of Seirai.

Defeat the enemies and accept Toshiko’s request to assist her in her treasure hunt. Toshiko will show you her Treasure map with three symbols. These symbols are the key to solve every puzzle required to complete the quest.

Follow her nearby to an abandoned house with the three symbols on tiles around it. Press the switch on the wall to activate the puzzle and step on the tiles in the right order to reveal a new area.

Basement Puzzle

There is a similar puzzle in the basement, that you have to solve twice. Start the mechanism and follow the same pattern to solve the puzzle for the first time.

For the second time you will have to follow a slightly different route but you will again be following the same symbol pattern.

You can see the route you can follow for the first puzzle on the picture on the left and the route for the second puzzle on the picture on the right.

Once you solve the puzzle, Toshiko will loot the chest. There is also an Electroculus inside the basement, so do not forget to collect it!

Fight & Quest Completion

All you have to do now to complete the quest, is escort Toshiko back to her camp. You will have to defeat three waves of enemies however. Treasure Hoarders, Masterless Samurai and Fatui will spawn on your way to the camp in that order.

Defeat them and reach the camp to complete the quest. At this point you will also unlock the “It Has to Be Treasure” Achievement.