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Perils in the Dark Quest

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Perils in the Dark is a World Quest in Genshin Impact that takes place in The Chasm area. This is also the fourth part of the “The Chasm Delvers” World Quest Series.

You accept this quest automatically when you finish the “The Heavenly Stone’s Debris” quest. Another easy and straightforward World quest in the series, with a few interesting puzzles. While completing the quest you can use unlock the “Birth Pains of the Dark Fog” Achievement.

Dark Fog

Jump into the passage and head to the center of the new cavern to examine the Dark Fog. Go to the marker and use your Lumenstone Adjuvant to clear the Dark Mud. Reading the notes will reveal a new part of the map and add two markers, one South and one North West.

The markers show the location of two Bells you need to ring, in order to clear the Dark Fog. Your goal now is to reach their location and solve the puzzles waiting for you there.

Northern Bell

When you reach the marker you can follow the Luminous Seelie waiting there. It will guide you to the upper floor and spawn a chest. Nearby you can find an object that will spawn a gust of wind if you get near it with your Adjuvant charged. Use the wind to go to the top.

Defeat the Abyss mage and recharge the mechanism. If you are out of charges, drop down one floor and stand near the Luminous Seelie to recharge. Use the gust of wind to go back up. Repeat this action when you need to recharge your Adjuvant.

perils in the dark quest

When you recharge the main mechanism more dark mud will appear. Use your Adjuvant to clear it and recharge the other four mechanisms. Once you recharge them all, two enemies will appear. Defeat them to clear the last Dark Mud and reveal the bell. Hit the Bell once to ring it.

Southern Bell

Now you can head to the location of the Southern Bell. Defeat the Ruin Grader guarding the area to proceed. Go upstairs and recharge the mechanism. Move the Luminous Seelie until you find the second one. Make them both move until they are standing in front and illuminating the two objects.

Stand in front of the third object and a Precious Chest will spawn. When you loot it a gust of wind will appear. Use it to go to the top of the building. You will move another Luminous Seelie as you glide up. Stand next to the other object to unlock the mechanism there.

perils in the dark quest

Use it to open the door and jump down. The seelie will follow you down and spawn an exquisite chest. Clear the Dark Mud and defeat the Ruin Grader guarding the Bell. Hit the Bell once to ring it. Before you leave the area head to the second room in the back. Clear the Dark Mud to reveal another exquisite chest and three enemies.

Defeat the enemies, loot the chest and return to the Dark Fog.

Abyss Lectors

The fog will disappear and two Abyss Lectors will appear. Defeat them and pickup the Curious Cube they have left behind. When you defeat the Lectors you will also unlock the “Birth Pains of the Dark Fog” Achievement.

This completes the Quest and begins the fifth and last part of the series “Wherefore Did the Spiritstone Descend?