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Orobashi’s Legacy Quest

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Orobashi’s Legacy is a World Quest on the island of Yoshioka, Inazuma. The quest revolves around the extreme conditions of the island and by completing it you can return the entire area to normality.

In order to complete the Orobashi’s Legacy successfully, you will have to complete a series of other quests. The goal of this Orobashi’s Legacy Quest Guide is to help you find all the Wards in the area and repair them.

In total there are six quests you have to complete. These quests are:

  • Orobashi’s Legacy: Prologue
  • Orobashi’s Legacy Part I
  • Orobashi’s Legacy Part II
  • Orobashi’s Legacy Part III
  • Orobashi’s Legacy Part IV
  • Orobashi’s Legacy Part V

Completing all six quests, will also reward you with the Forging Blueprint for the Kitain Cross Spear Polearm, one of the New Weapons of Genshin Impact 2.0!

Orobashi’s Legacy Prologue

The prologue for Orobashi’s Legacy is actually very simple. All you have to do is locate Kaji, the Quest giver NPC, at the North of the island and receive the quest!

Kaji will explain the situation and ask you to repair the wards around the island.

orobashi's legacy quest

Orobashi’s Legacy Part I

For the first part of the Quest, Kaji will ask you to observe and repair the Ward nearby. To achieve this you will have to restore a Narukami Pillar to its former condition. The Pillar is missing a Rock Pillar Warding Stone and a Rock Pillar Pearl item. Your goal is to find those and insert them to the pillar.

In total there are four Narukami Pillars around the island and the quest will guide you to their exact location. To find the missing items for each pillar, activate your Elemental Sight and follow the path.

orobashi's legacy quest

Both items for the first pillar can be found nearby, inside the first Ward. To take it down, you must adjust the Floating Pillars next to it correctly. Each Floating Pillar gives you the option to adjust its Orientation and Elevation.

The goal in this mini game is to fire an Electro Ball from the first Pillar and have it bounce from Pillar to Pillar in the right order. The Electro Ball will eventually hit the Ward and disable it.

To fire the Electro Ball, attack the first Pillar with an Electro Skill.

First Ward

Once the Ward is down, enter the area, defeat the enemies and collect the items. Return the items to the Narukami Pillar to complete the Quest and fix the Weather in the area. Now Kaji will ask you to repair the Wards at Serpent’s Head and Jakotsu Mine areas.

Orobashi’s Legacy Part II

Head to Seprent’s Head Narukami Pillar and use Elemental Sight to find elemental traces. The Warding Stone for this Pillar is located in an underground area nearby. The entrance to the area is South of Momiji-Dyed Court Domain.

Get the Electrogranum at the top and jump down. Pass the energy barrier and activate the mechanism. This will drain the water and allow you access to the lower floor. Inside this area you can also find the The Gourmet Supremos NPC for the third part of The Gourmet Supremos World Quest.

Get to the lower floor to find a locked door leading further below, some enemies and a simple cube puzzle. Defeat the enemies and solve the puzzle to open the door. Drop down one more time and follow the path while defeating enemies that appear. Get the Warding Stone, charge the Electro Pillar and get out with the help of Electrogranum.

The Pearl item is located West of the Narukami Pillar, inside the Ward. Adjust the Floating Pillars, bring down the Ward and get it.

Second Ward

Once you have the Pearl, get into the large cave nearby to explore. Inside you will find a simple puzzle with Electro Pillars that unlock a chest but also the Warding Stone for the Third Ward. The Stone is located on the top of the Cavern, close to the roof.

Return the items to Narukami Pillar to complete this part of the Quest.

Orobashi’s Legacy Part III

For the third part of the quest head to Jakotsu Mine. The Narukami Pillar this time is behind the Ward, so you will have to take it down first.

orobashi's legacy quest
Third Ward

Follow the Elemental traces to the Northeast, where you will find the Pearl, inside a Barrier. Pass the barrier with the help of Electrogranum and get the item.

You can stay and fight the Abyss Mages that will spawn or you can choose to leave the area. Return the Pearl and the Warding Stone you got from the cave earlier to the Pillar to complete the quest.

Orobashi’s Legacy Part IV

For the fourth part of the quest, meet Kaji at the Fort Mumei area, West of the island. Certain parts of the fort will rise from the water and they will reveal the fourth and last Ward of the quest.

Summon a Waverider and move around to adjust the position of Floating Pillars. Activate the pillars to bring down the Ward.

orobashi's legacy quest
Fourth Ward

Both the Warding Stone and the Pearl are in this area. In order to get them, defeat first the Maguu Kenki Boss enemy that is waiting next to the Narukami Pillar.

Grab and return the items to complete the quest.

Orobashi’s Legacy Part V

Return and report to Kaji. The Weather around the Yoshioka island is again normal and he will reward you with the Forging Blueprint for the Kitain Cross Spear Polearm Weapon Blueprint.

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