octave of the maushiro
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Octave of the Maushiro Quest

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Octave of the Maushiro is the second part of the “Through the Mists” World Quest in Tsurumi Island, Inazuma. For this quest, Sumida will ask you to continue investigating Tsurumi Island in order to discover the Maushiro she is after!

To begin the quest you must first complete the Seirai Stormchasers World quest since the Peculiar Pinion you get at its end is required.

Begin Quest

The quest will unlock automatically the next day after you complete the first part, “A Particularly Particular Author“. Go find Sumida and the other characters that have been assisting her in her quest of finding the Maushiro. Sumida will ask you to go back to Tsurumi Island and continue your investigation.

When you return to the island, the fog is back in place and you will unlock the “Nihil Sub Caligine Novum” Achievement. Proceed to the designated area and talk to Ruu. Ruu will tel you that he feels the Maushiro on you, which turns out to be the Peculiar Pinion feather-like item you get at the end of the Seirai Stormchasers World quest, in Seirai Island.

The Peculiar Pinion is the true form of the Maushiro and you can use it to uncover secrets in the island. There are several Thunderbird statues around the island and by using this gadget near them you can reveal new puzzles.

Follow Ruu to the statue nearby and use the pinion to reveal an illusion of Kama. Dig where Kama was searching and you wil find the Maushiro for Sumida.

octave of the maushiro

Head over to the Ceremonial Site to find Ruu. Listen to the conversation of the people in the area and offer to find Ruu since he is missing. They will ask you to check three areas in the island, Wakukau Shoal, Oina Beach and Autake Plains. The quest will guide you to each area and you will have to use the Pinion to uncover clues and find Ruu.

Find Clues

Go to the first area, use the pinion and listen to the illusion talking. Five stones with symbols will appear and you need to light them up in the right order. Use the Pinion on the second statue and follow the electro seelie that will appear.

The seelie will guide you to a third statue. Using the pinion on it will reveal the right order for the symbols.

octave of the maushiro

Return to the stones and light them up in the right order. Listen to the illusion and head to the next area.

When on Oina Beach, use the Pinion on the statue to reveal a new puzzle. This time you need to place the stones next to their symbol. Move them around until they are at the right spot, listen to the illusions and move to the third and final location, Autake Plains.

When you reach the area use again the Pinion to search for clues. There is fog in this area so make sure to light up the stormstones as you move around. Ruu will appear but will run away soon. Search the area and use the feather again on the statue with stones in front of it. Some of the stones are missing.

The feather will reveal three seelie that you need to follow around to find the missing stones. Get the stones and return. The seelie will reveal the right order of the symbols so you can light them up.

octave of the maushiro

Listen to Ruu and return to the Ceremonial Site. There is nobody there this time as well so all that is left to do is return to Sumida. Give her the Maushiro to complete the quest. Sumida will express a desire to learn more about Tsurumi Island and the mysterious Kama!

Wait for the next day to unlock the third part of this Quest Series, “The Sea of Fog and the Rite of Trees“!

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