new world server transfers

New World Server Transfers

The New World 1.0.3 Update was released earlier today, introducing the much anticipated feature of character transfer! Players can now transfer their character from their current server to another one that is less populated or simply because they want to play with their friends there!

The system is not fully released however. To avoid any possible hiccups, the developers have only allowed transfers in the Utopia World, in AP Southeast region. They will monitor the process and if everything seems to go as planned, they will release transfers for the entire AP Southeast region.

After that and if no major technical issue arises, then the character transfer will become available for the other regions as well. This incremental approach to Server Transfers is meant to ensure that everything will go smoothly for the game and the players.

AGS have released already a list of what you can or cannot transfer along with your character, which you can find here. Just remember that you cannot transfer from one region to a different one. Only between servers in your region. So for example you cannot transfer your character from a server in US East to a server in US West.

All players will receive a free Server Transfer Token but additional transfers will require you to purchase a new one. AGS will reveal more info on Token’s price on a later date.