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New World Update 1.0.1

The very first update for New World after the Official release of the game is finally here. A small update with several fixes that attempts to deal with AFK abusers inside the world of Aeternum but also introduce server transfers.

The update will be live later today(October 6th) so players can hopefully see some improvements to Queues and be able to play New World more reliably.

AFK Prevention & Queues

The popularity of New World and the influx of players in Aeternum since its release, have created the problem of long queues for the game. A major problem for New World that persists still. It is only logical that the developers will want to deal with this issue and allow everyone to access and enjoy New World before everything else.

As a first step of solving the problem, New World added several new servers after release. Servers that were quickly filled however. To avoid being kicked by the server for being AFK, players started abusing the system(auto running on a wall, creating macros to perform actions etc) in order to remain online.

This situation further amplified the problem of queues and made it almost impossible for many to play or even log into the servers for the first time.

With update 1.0.1, the developers are introducing a few new ways to deal with AFK abusers that will hopefully make things better. To be more precise, more AFK prevention methods are added to ensure players cannot fool the existing system with simulated mouse movement.

Also the amount of time a player can stay AFK before getting kicked from the server, was shortened to 20 minutes from 25, while the AFK warning message will now appear at 15 minutes of being AFK instead of 20.

Server Transfers

Another way to deal with the long queues issues, is by introducing Server Transfers. Players will be able to transfer from their high population servers to servers with a lower population, avoiding queues like this.

Server Transfers will be available in the in-game store after the update. We do not know anything else regarding this new feature yet but more info will be released later this Week.

The update also contains several Bug Fixes that you can read in the official path notes!

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