new world release date

New World Release Date

The promising and much anticipated New World Fantasy MMO has a new Release Date, August 31st 2021! The news of this official Release Date for Amazon’s upcoming game are bittersweet though.

This is because New World has been delayed for one more time, the third in a row.

In a new Development update, released earlier today, the developers mentioned that they are working on several end-game features that will enrich gameplay. Unfortunately the time until “Spring 2021”, which has been the official release window until now, is not enough. Exactly because of this, the decision was taken to delay the game once again.

The Alpha will continue in the coming months with Closed Beta beginning on July 20th, 2021. Players that have pre-ordered New World, will have access to the Closed Beta.

Closed Beta New Features

A few new Features are also coming with the Beta test phase of New World. Some of those include the end-game zone of Ebonscale Reach, Expeditions and Outpost Rush.

Expeditions introduce PVE instanced adventures in Aeternum, something that the fans of New World have been asking for a while now. Outpost Rush on the other hand is a 20 vs 20 battle, set in a river basin where players will fight for control over strongholds and sources of Azoth.

Whether this delay is going to be the last one for New World or not remains to be seen.