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New World Housing

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Housing in New World is another interesting feature that allows players to have a home of their own in Aeternum. Players in New World can purchase houses on the settlements and decorate them in any way they like. Houses also offer additional perks that can assist owners in their adventures, with additional storage, special buffs and more.

It is possible to buy a House in most of the settlements in the game but you will have to build up your reputation with them first.

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How to Buy a House

It is not possible to build or create a house anywhere you wish in New World. You can only acquire Houses that already exist inside a settlement. Before you can purchase a house though, you will also have to increase your territory standing to level 10. Only then you can buy a house. To increase your standing with a territory complete quests and activities in the area.

Once you meet the requirements and have enough gold you can buy a house. In total there are four types of houses available in New World. Tier 1 to Tier 4 Houses with different perks and bonuses.

TierCostRecall CooldownStorage FurnitureMin. TaxStanding Required
150004 Hours125010
2100003 Hours250015
3150002.5 Hours375020
4200002 Hours4100030

Tier 1(small) houses are the cheapest while Tier 4(large) the most expensive. Furthermore, bigger Houses also require better standings with a territory. The interior layout is predetermined and all you can really change is the decorations.

Houses offer an additional recall point that can help you travel around with ease along with Inn Recall and Azoth Fast Travel. So acquiring a few Houses at strategic locations on the map will allow you to travel for free almost everywhere.

However, Houses are not free to maintain. There is a Weekly tax you will have to pay, in order to keep the benefits of a House active. This tax again varies, depending on the Tier. Luckily there is a 50% discount when purchasing your first House in the game. The discount also applies to the weekly taxes. Thanks to this it is possible to buy a more expensive house as your first House and pay less money but also taxes.

new world housing

Decorations & Trophies

You can add furniture to your house and make it as cozy as you wish! It is possible to buy the furniture from other players or craft it yourself if you have the appropriate skills. Based on the Tier of a House there is a set number of furniture you can place inside it.

Special furniture can also boost the storage limit for the town. That means that you can store a lot more items in the settlement as long as you have the appropriate storage furniture in your house.

Trophies is another great benefit of housing and one of the best reasons to own a house or more! A trophy is a special furniture that provides a buff to your character, like more damage against specific enemies or better efficiency when gathering resources.

You can create or buy the trophies of your choice and place them in your House to get their buffs.

You can visit other players’ houses as well so you can view their decorations and admire their creativity!

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