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New World Factions

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The Factions of New World represent the heart of the game and affect everything in Aeternum. The entire game is designed around the endless fight between the three factions to control territories. While it is possible to play New World without joining a faction, it is not recommended.

Simply because by joining a faction, you gain access to more content like new missions, you are able to join or create a company(the equivalent of a guild) and of course PVP! You will not be able to PVP in New World, unless you belong to a faction.

The three factions of New World are:

  • The Marauders
  • The Syndicate
  • The Covenant

Despite of how important they are for the game, they have very few differences, with none of them affecting gameplay. Their main differences lie to armor style and lore. You can choose whichever you like based on your personal preferences.

Join, Missions & Ranks

At around level nine or ten, you will get a quest to learn about the three factions. The quest will send you to the representative of each faction in your settlement to learn more about them. When you have talked with all three(and are level 10) you can join the faction of your choice. It is possible to postpone the decision but the sooner you pick a side, the better for your life in New World.


When you join a faction, you gain access to Faction specific missions that expand gameplay and offer more opportunities. There are two types of Missions, PVE and PVP. You can browse and accept the missions by talking to the Faction representative in your settlement.

PVE Missions are quite similar to quests you get from NPC in settlements and will ask you to kill a certain number of enemies or complete specific tasks in nearby areas. Completing a Faction PVE Mission rewards you with Gold, Experience and Faction Reputation and Tokens(Currency). Faction Reputation is important to advance in Ranks while Faction Tokens allow you to buy Faction specific gear that usually is pretty good for your level.

PVP Missions on the other hand also reward you with Gold, Experience, Faction Reputation and Tokens(Currency). Their main difference from PVE focused Faction missions, is that by accepting them you are automatically flagged for PVP. That means that members of the other factions that are also flagged for PVP, can freely attack and kill you.

If you die while completing a PVP mission, the mission fails and you get no rewards(the same happens if you unflag yourself before completing the mission). To counter this drawback, PVP missions offer higher rewards. They also offer additional types of missions, like patrolling an area for members of the opposing factions or delivering a message or supplies to another territory.

PVP Missions are vital for conquest in New World. By completing PVP Missions, you increase the influence of your faction in a territory. If your faction owns the territory, you reinforce its control. If an enemy faction controls the territory, you undermine it. By building enough influence in a hostile territory, you can make it vulnerable and eventually declare war to capture it.

new world factions


Every faction has five Ranks you can unlock and climb up. They have different names per faction but the same requirement to unlock. Reach a specific amount of Faction reputation and complete a Trial Quest.

The Factions Ranks and Reputation required to unlock them are as follows:

First Rank(Join)SoldierAdeptInitiate

Reaching the required reputation is not enough however to unlock the next rank. You must first complete a Trial, a special mission that will ask you to defeat a strong enemy.

These trial quests also require you to be a specific level before you can accept and complete them. When you receive them, they will ask you to visit a specific settlement and complete the trial. To be able to get the quest, you must be able to receive quests from the faction NPC in that settlement.

For example Trial of the Gladiator for Marauders asks you to visit Cutlass Keys to complete it and advance. The mission description says level twenty(20) but you cannot accept missions from the Faction NPC before you hit level twenty four(24). So you will need to be level twenty four(24) to accept and complete the Trial.

new world factions

Faction Equipment

Every new rank offers access to unique Faction Equipment that includes Weapons, Armor, consumables and crafting components. These items are usually some of the best for their level, so it is highly recommended to complete Faction missions and purchase them.

They will make you stronger for both PVE and PVP gameplay.

The higher your rank, the higher the level of the equipment and more potent they are.

Switch Faction

It is possible to change your faction if you wish to do it. The first time you can change without any penalties but after that you will have to wait 120 days to change again.

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