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New World Beginner’s Guide

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New World is a brand new MMO by Amazon, set in the Fantasy World of Aeternum. The game blends elements of magic, ranged and melee combat and exploration in order to create a fresh and unique experience. A play your own way MMO approach, with PVE and PVP gameplay that can be overwhelming at first!

New World is a quite ambitious project that offers a variety of professions and Build options to explore. Because of this new players might have a hard time getting started in Aeternum.

This New World Beginner’s Guide will help you understand some of the basic concepts of the game and enjoy it more as a new player.

Getting Started

When you first start the game, a helpful NPC will offer you a few starting quests and teach you the very basic actions of the game. Later he will send you off to your first settlement. After this point you will be basically on your own without much assistance from the game itself.

This can make New World to seem scary and confuse you about your next moves. Understanding a few basic concepts of how the game works will be essential to move forward with confidence and enjoy the world to the fullest.


Summoning your Camp and using it to your advantage, should be your very first action whenever you are out exploring. By pressing Y you can summon your camp almost anywhere in the wilderness.

Your camp works as a crafting station for basic items, a respawn point, a healing/rest station and of course as a fast travel point. Whenever you are exploring a new area or completing a quest nearby, summon your camp first! In the unfortunate case of dying to enemies, you can always respawn there instead of the closest settlement(which might not be very close!).

Crafting in the camp can also save you the trouble of going back to towns when running out of arrows(for bow users) or other items. To create a camp you will need some flint and green wood, so it is always wise to have some with you. Make sure to gather some of these two items while traveling around.

You can later upgrade your camp and access better items to craft in there.

Gather, Craft & Storage

Crafting plays a vital role in New World and if it is something that interests you, you should start early. Gather materials as soon as possible, to not only be able to craft items and weapons but to also unlock more rare resources and be able to detect them easily.

Crafting items and weapons can be a great way to make money in the game or simply help you defeat stronger enemies faster. Every town has a storage, players can access. You can store items there and materials you do not want to carry around. Remember that weight is important in New World and if you go overburdened you will not be able to run or move fast.

Materials in the storage are used for crafting in the specific town. Storage in New World is regional, which means that you have to move items physically to another town if you wish to do your crafting there. The same rule applies to Markets. You can browse markets from every town but you have to travel to actually buy or sell items on a town in a nearby territory.

new world beginner's guide

Town Quests

To level up faster and become familiar with the surrounding area, get all available Quests in a Town. You can get quests from NPC around the town but also from Town boards. These are called Town Projects and ask anything, from killing enemies nearby to crafting items and help the town. These quests are great for leveling up your character and weapons but also advancing your crafting professions.


Always eat and have available food! Food can boost your self healing and offer other benefits when adventuring. Make sure to always have some on you.

Pick your Faction

Picking a Faction is key for fully enjoying what New World has to offer. When you hit level ten(10) you will be presented with the option to choose one of the three factions of the game:

  • Syndicate
  • Covenant
  • Marauders

You can postpone your decision if you wish but the sooner you pick a faction, the more gameplay and options will open to you. This is because the game is designed around the struggle between the three factions to control Aeternum. Picking a Faction also opens PVP to you. Factions offer their own PVE and PVP quests that reward you with faction equipment!

All three factions and their equipment are basically the same and their main differences are mostly aesthetics and lore. Picking a Faction is necessary to participate in large PVP battles later in the game.

To Flag or not to Flag

Once you pick your Faction you can also flag yourself for PVP. This means that other players flagged for PVP can attack you in the wilderness and you can attack them as well. The decision is up to you, if you want to flag early in the game and seek the thrill of fighting other players.

Getting to know your character and how the game works first would be advisable though.

new world beginner's guide

Armor, Weapons & Attributes

Armor and Weapons are vital for your success in New World and affect greatly your build and personal pay-style.


Armor comes in three different weights that affect gameplay. Light, Medium and Heavy can help you with damage or becoming more resistant and affect the roles you can take in group PVE or PVP.

Light Armor allows you to Roll Dodge and provides a 20% damage bonus.

Medium Armor, allows you to Sidestep Dodge and provides a 10% bonus to damage and crowd control.

Heavy Armor, gives you a slower Sidestep Dodge but provides a 20% bonus to Crowd Control and a 15% bonus to blocking.

You can mix and match pieces of different weight to find the right balance for you.


There are several weapons to choose from in New World but you can only have two equipped at the same time. Every Weapon has its own skills and you can have three of them slotted on your two bars.

Try all weapons before you can pick a combination. This will give you a better understanding of how they work and what you can achieve with them. Picking your favorite combination of weapons early will allow you to start leveling up the right attribute and become stronger.


Attributes make your character stronger and allow you to use weapons more efficiently. Weapons and Attributes are very important for your build. For example if you are a Bow user, you will want to increase your Dexterity, since this is the attribute that Bows scales with. If you level up strength you will not be very effective with the Bow.

Your main weapon and attribute will also dictate your secondary weapon. In a Bow-Dexterity Build, you want your secondary weapon to also scale well with Dexterity. Like this your build will be effective and you will have better results. Pickup the weapon you like early and level up the right attribute for a successful life in New World.

Make sure to use and level up both of your weapons as well. Not only your main one.

new world beginner's guide

Azoth, House & Fast Travel

Azoth is the most important resource in New World. You can use it to create items via crafting but also to travel around the map fast. The best way to farm Azoth is by closing corrupted breaches around the map. There are a few other ways to collect Azoth, like getting it randomly from enemies, from gathering if you have a tool with Azoth Extraction or by completing quests but the best way is to travel around and close corrupted breaches.

You can then use the Azoth to travel from one town to another fast, without having to walk there all the way.

Another way to travel is through Inn Recalls. When you visit a Town you can check in at its inn, then travel back to it with Azoth. This action has an one hour cooldown. If you combine it with a camp you can travel back and forth from two different locations easily.

Finally getting a House in a town, offers another way of traveling around, since you can teleport back to your house from wherever you are. To be able to buy a House you need to increase your standing with a Town to level ten(10) first and have the necessary gold to spend.

Territory Benefits

As you complete actions in a territory, you increase your standing with it. When you level up your rank you can choose a territory benefit that can help you when exploring and adventuring around the specific territory.

These can increase your experience gained from kills, lower taxes, increase gathering speed and even unlock the ability to buy a house in the territory. You can only pick one benefit every time you increase your rank.

Depending on your goals in the game you can pick a better gathering speed that can help you craft faster or better experience from enemies to boost your leveling.

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