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Neko is a Cat

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Neko is a Cat, is a World Quest on the island of Seirai, Inazuma. A World quest with several parts that unlock daily, like the Tatara Tales Quest in Kannazuka. The goal of the quest is to help Neko, a talking Cat, to restore the Asase Shrine on Seirai island.

To start the quest however you must first complete the Seirai Stormchasers World Quest on the island. During this quest, you will meet Neko for the first time and she will help you calm the storm that is raging on the island.

Neko is a Cat has nine parts. New quests unlock daily. So it will take you nine days to complete the series. Upon completion you will also earn the “Cat in the Clouds” achievement.

neko is a cat

Start Quest

When you complete the Seirai Stormchasers World Quest, you can return to the Asase Shrine and receive a quest from Neko. This is the first of the series with new ones unlocking every day. The quests are in general quite simple and revolve around the shrine mostly.

The nine quests are:

  • Neko is a Cat: Offering Box
  • Neko is a Cat: Wooden Rack
  • Neko is a Cat: The Children
  • Neko is a Cat: Shrine Recipe
  • Neko is a Cat: Cat and Stone
  • Neko is a Cat: Stone Human’s Troubles
  • Neko is a Cat: Shrine Canteen
  • Neko is a Cat: Ding-a-Ling Metal Ball
  • Neko is a Cat: A “Good Turn” Comes Late

All of them are very fast to complete!

Offering Box

For the first Quest of the series, Neko will ask you to clean the area around. Go to the dirty spots and clean them with Hydro. Return to Neko to complete the quest.

Wooden Rack

Your next job is to repair the Prayer Rack so visitors can hang their Prayer Plaques. Return to Neko and inform Taisuke and Eiko(the adventurers from Seirai Stormchasers quest) that the rack is functional again.

Report to Neko to complete the quest.

The Children

For this part, you will have to find two cats near the shrine, Hachihou and Konbumaru. Hachihou is on the seashore, Southwest from the shrine, while Konbumaru is inside the big tree behind Neko. You will have to climb up there to get him.

Go back to Neko to complete the quest.

Shrine Recipe

This time Neko will ask you to bring back Cat Food! Talk to Eiko and Taisuke for directions, then head back to Inazuma City to ask Kiminami Anna for help. She will make the meal but will also give you the “Invigorating Kitty Meal” recipe.

Before you return to the shrine, prepare at least three servings of this food. Return to Neko to taste the food. She will then ask you to also feed the cats of the shrine. Visit the three designated spots and place an Invigorating Kitty Meal to feed the cats.

Report back to Neko to complete the quest.

neko is a cat

Cat and Stone

Neko wants a statue! Ask Eiko and Taisuke for directions again and head over to Tatarasuma, to find an artisan. Speak to Ooshima Junpei at the designated area and return back to the shrine with him. Talk to Neko to complete this part of the quest series.

Stone Human’s Troubles

Neko will inform you of Ooshima Junpei‘s problems. Go find him to see what he needs. He will ask you to bring him three Iron Chunks to forge new tools. Give him the Iron Chunks(easy to find all over the world) and report back to Neko to complete the quest.

Shrine Canteen

Neko wants you to give fish to Junpei! But he is fed up with Fish and he asks you of three servings of Raw Meat, so he can cook them! Give him the Raw Meat(again very easy to find around Teyvat) to complete the quest.

Ding-a-Ling Metal Ball

This time Neko wants you to hang Bells around the Shrine! Hang the bells at the three designated spots and talk back to Neko to complete the quest.

A “Good Turn” Comes Late

For the final part of the quest, go with Neko to Ooshima Junpei, to check the Statue. After a short dialogue, Junpei will finish the Statue and a cloud shaped like a Cat will appear! Neko will leave and the quest is complete. At this point you will also unlock the “Cat in the Clouds” achievement.

Talk to Eiko and Taisuke to learn more about the Shrine’s background if you wish!

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