mouun shrine luxurious chest

Mouun Shrine Luxurious Chest

Watatsumi is one of the two new islands, Genshin Impact 2.1 adds to the game! A beautiful new area to explore with several secrets and treasures to uncover! One of those treasures is a hidden Luxurious chest you can unlock in the Mouun Shrine, west of the Statue of the Seven in the area and the Sangonomiya Shrine!

There are two simple puzzles you have to complete before you can loot the chest however. Both puzzles are close to the chest location as you can see on the map below.

The first one is a simple cube puzzle. All you need to do is turn the four cubes inwards, so they are facing each other in pairs. Just attack them until their active side is looking at the opposite cube.

mouun shrine luxurious chest

When that happens an Electro Seelie will be released. Follow it to the Electric Lamps in the Mouunn Shrine, where it will activate the first of the two.

The other puzzle is slightly more complicated. The goal here is to lock all three Lightning Strike Probes to the correct position. There is an Electro Seelie nearby that can help you attract the probe’s attention but is not enough to solve the puzzle.

Interact with the Statue above the Probes to get a second Seelie. The Seelie move around the probes, causing them to move as well. When the statue is inactive two of the probes are locked in place. Activating the Statue will unlock them and allow them to move around. The goal is to deactivate the statue and lock the two probes when they are in the right position.

When that happens you can focus on the third probe and align it to the right position to complete the puzzle.

mouun shrine luxurious chest

An Electro Seelie will be released again and activate the second lamp. The Luxurious Chest will then spawn and you can go ahead and loot it!