moonlight merriment event

Moonlight Merriment Event

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Moonlight Merriment is the main Event of Genshin Impact 2.1 version, that also coincides with the one year anniversary of the game! The event is part of the in-game Moonchase festival in Liyue and offers great rewards to players.

Moonlight Merriment begins on September 27th and will run until October 11th. To participate, players must be at Adventure Rank 28 or above and complete the Archon Quest “Chapter I: Act III – A New Star Approaches” as well as “Trulla Chapter: Act I – Mondstadt Gastronomy Trip“.

During the event it will be possible to acquire and refine the new 4-Star Luxurious Sea-Lord Claymore!

Event Phases

The event is divided in three Phases. These are:

  • Path of Stalwart Stone
  • Path of Gentle Breezes
  • Path of Austere Frost

At the beginning of each phase, the corresponding quests or challenges of the phase will become available. A Festive Fever measures your progress but also unlocks new tasks.

Moonchase Tales

Complete event quests to increase festive meter. Moonchase Tales is divided in Moonlight Merriment: Part I and Moonlight Merriment: Part II. Part I starts with the beginning of the event while Part II starts once the Festive Fever reaches one thousand(1000).

After completing Moonlight Merriment: Part I, you can access the Cuisine Machine Test Run quest, which can only be completed in solo. Completing tasks in Moonchase festival will reward you with Primogems, Mora, Upgrading Materials and three new cooking Recipes.

moonlight merriment event

Moonlight Seeker

When you complete Moonlight Merriment: Part I and The Many Matters of the Moonchase Festival, you can access the Moonlight Seeker challenge. During this challenge, you can visit specific areas around Liyue to collect Moonchase Charms and Mystmoon Chests.

Collecting those, advances progress in the area. When progress reaches a certain level, it is possible to claim various rewards including, Primogems, Mora, Upgrading Materials, Festive Fever but also the Luxurious Sea-Lord Claymore and its refining materials, Emperor’s Balsam.

Linyang NPC in Liyue Harbor, can offer helpful clues about Moonchase Charms and Mystmoon Chests.

moonlight merriment event

Trail of Delicacies

Finally Trail of Delicacies is the third set of quests and challenges, during the Moonchase Merriment Event. To access this, complete Moonlight Merriment: Part I and The Many Matters of the Moonchase Festival first.

Head to challenge area and defeat enemies there. Once all enemies are defeated use the wind current to quickly reach the next challenge. When all challenges in an area are complete, you can offer delicacies in order to get Trail Comforts buffs. These buffs will help you against enemies in the next challenge area.

During this challenge you can earn Primogems, Mora, Upgrading Materials, Crown of Insight and more Emperor’s Balsam.

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