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Misty Dungeon Event

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The Misty Dungeon Event returns to Genshin Impact. Misty Dungeon: Realm of Light is a combat based event that allows players to try characters they might not own in the game.

The Event begins on December 17th and will run until December 27th. To participate, players must be Adventure Rank 20 or above.

Event Details

The event consists of seven Trials that will unlock gradually while Misty Dungeon: Realm of Light progresses. Starting with the first day of the event, a batch of new trials will be unlocked every two days. The trials are:

  • Thundershock
  • Freezing
  • Windswept
  • Desirous
  • Amplifying
  • Transformative
  • Lightbringer

Each Trial has a different Ley Line Disorder that will affect gameplay and team composition. Different enemies will be present in different Trials as well.

You can select from a pool of specific characters in order to complete each Trial. The characters will be different depending on the Trial. This allows players to experience characters they might not own and makes it easier to participate in the event.

The constellation of Trial characters is Lv. 0. However if you do own a Trial character then its constellation will adopt the level of the character you own. The goal of the Trial is to activate all the Ancient Runes inside the area before the time runs out and complete the final challenge. There are three Ancient Runes in every Trial.

misty dungeon event

There are also benediction mechanics and automated weapons in every Trial area. The benedictions are divided in Plunder and Rejuvenation Challenges.

After you complete a Plunder challenge, the Ley Line Disorder effects will be strengthened. After you complete a Rejuvenation challenge, all characters in your party will be revived and their HP restored.

Automated weapons will attack you on sight but you can disable them with the right Elemental Reaction.

misty dungeon event

Event Rewards

Complete the various Trial quests to unlock and claim rewards, such as Primogems, Mora and Upgrading Materials.